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A Rainbow of Healthy Holi

The festival of colours is here yet again! You are ready with your preparations to make the festival as colourful and as joyful as possible. And, we are ready with our preparations to make your holi as healthy as possible.  If you do not want to land up in serious problems after enjoying Holi, you should be taking precautions before the celebrations begin and continue getting healed after the celebrations end!

  • Be careful with your skin!
    It is the time of colours and vibrancy. It is also the time of immense damage to your skin and hair. The colours play havoc and can cause immense damage to your skin and hair. Allergies to your skin can also be initiated or existing skin conditions can be worsened by lead and other impurities in the colours. The biggest belief which is not true is that washing colours with soap or face wash removes all the chemicals and prevents related damage to the skin. Harmful ingredients in colours are potent enough to cause rashes and breakouts on skin. Existing skin allergies and diseases like psoriasis and eczema can also worsen on contact with harmful chemicals in colours. Chemicals like mercury sulphite in red colour paste can increase the risk of skin cancer. Silica in dry gulal can cause dryness of skin and chaps on skin. Prussian blue in blue colour may trigger contact dermatitis. Exposure to UV rays from sun in presence of colours and water also has detrimental effects on your skin.

    After application of colours on skin, use normal water rather than hot water to wash. Application of natural oil can help.

    To give proper hydration and nutrients to your skin and prevent worsening of skin conditions during Holi, use Oxyrich Juice and Oxyrich Capsules. These curcumin supplements will also help in healing of skin rashes and cracks and prevention skin of cancer.A person celebrating the Holi festival with colours beings applied to their face
  • Be careful with your hair!
    Your hairs suffer a lot amid Holi celebrations. When chemicals in colours stick to your scalp and hair, conditions like scalp dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema can aggravate. Hair strands also get damaged and Holi celebrations may be followed by split ends and hair fall. Before you go out to play holi, cover your scalp and hair with Tressgrow oil so that herbs in it can prevent worsening of scalp conditions and hair health. The layer of oil will prevent the scalp skin and hair from getting damaged due to presence of shiny particles in colours such as lead and mica.

    For improving hair and scalp health, curcumin based herbal Tablets called Tressgrow Tablets shall be consumed regularly.
  • Be careful with your eyes!
    Chemicals and harmful compositions of colours increase the risk of infections in eyes post holi. Eye allergies can include symptoms of redness of eye, itching, tearing sensation, burning, stinging and watery discharge. There is inflammation of eyelids and sometimes blurred vision can be experienced. The symptoms of eye allergies are proportional to the duration of the time that colour was present on your eyes.
    Conjunctivitis or pink eye is also common during Holi celebrations. As people touch each other, eye infection can transfer through direct contact.

    Preventing eye infections and allergies and healing them is easier with curcumin supplement specifically designed for eye health. Visiongold Juice is a blend of curcumin, carrot, triphala and aloevera. This juice reduces itching, puffiness, redness and watering in eyes. Visiongold Juice also helps your eyes in recovering from the festive fatigue.
  • Be careful with your kidneys!
    Food consumed before and during Holi celebrations makes your kidneys work harder to filter your blood. Mercury and copper in dry gulal are known to affect your kidneys adversely. Lead oxide in black colour when going inside your body can cause inability of kidneys to excrete waste and to help maintain electrolyte balance. Powdered glass in gulal may get deposited in your kidneys.A woman having acne and stress

    Diets high in animal proteins from dairy products and meat can cause damage to kidney as they can be very hard to metabolize. This puts additional load or heavy burden on kidneys making them hard for them to eliminate waste products. A high protein diet may also exacerbate existing kidney condition. Holi is a time of festivities and includes eating a lot of dairy products among the celebrations.

    To keep flushing toxins and to prevent your kidneys from chronic kidney disease as well as manage it; you can sip in Daily Detox Tea and consume Nephrogold Tablet.
  • Be careful with your respiration!
    Powder colours can induce inflammatory responses in your body and can trigger harmful responses. Colours can contain potentially 80% inhalable particles that can reach the lower respiratory tract. Some of the Holi colours are prepared from kerosene which is quite harmful for the patients of asthma of asthma. An asthmatic attack may be caused to such patients if precautions are not taken before hand.  Avoiding inhaling colours is one of the precautions, going for an herbal curcumin supplement is very important as well. The ongoing spread of coronavirus is also something to keep in mind and it is ideal to strengthen your immunity by consuming curcumin.

    Daily Strength Juice and Daily Boost Tea can prevent aggravation of existing respiratory diseases and respiratory allergies. These herbal curcumin supplements also help in healing respiratory problems post Holi celebrations.

The true spirit of festivities lies in retaining good health among the celebrations. Preserva Wellness can help you in making your Holi healthy and happy!

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