Ayurvedic Treatment For Dengue And Chikungunya

Ayurvedic Treatment For Dengue And Chikungunya

Delhi substantiated the unfavorable outbreak of Chikungunia and Dengue in a decade last year, reported nearly 12,221 critical cases. Obvious is that, municipal authorities don’t want to take any peril this year. In recent times the South Delhi Municipal Corporation has released the survey data of occurrence of 79 cases of chikungunia and 24 cases of dengue in Delhi capital this year between the months of January and April. "Maximum no. of cases of this arthropod borne illness actually arises to Delhi from nearby states like Rajasthan Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh confirmed by Dr BK Hazarika, municipal health officer, SDMC.

Do you know both dengue and chikungunia viruses are spread by Aedes aegypti mosquito known to reproduce in fresh water deposited at construction sites or in the overhead tanks during summer season. Water get stagnated during rainy season can be seen in tanks, and even potholes. Delhi has become the causative centre for this viral disease spreading like epidemic.


Chikungunia characterized by high grade fever, low platelets count, rashes on body and joint pain. Energy level is so low in such patients. Nutritionist advice to consume vitamins and minerals rich foods as it accelerates the platelets count. Papaya and giloya leaf is well incorporated in platimore juice and generally suggested by the medical professionals.

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