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Because Family Comes First

What would you need at the end of a hectic day? Most probably, it would be the smiling faces of the people at home! Toiling the whole day and coming back to each other is bliss when the environment at home is happy and healthy. Happiness cannot be sustained without health.

While physical health might be maintained individually but the mental and emotional health of each family member is related to each other. If your mother is unwell, it would create disturbance in your mental well being.  One or two healthy individuals may not make a healthy family but a healthy family includes healthy individual in all aspects. It is the collective habits of the family that are responsible for a healthy lifestyle. Every family faces challenges but it is the way a family deals with those challenges that define the management of health and happiness of each individual in the family.

  • The two As – Appreciation and Affection:

    Your child really worked hard to get that ‘A’ in Mathematics. Instead of reprimanding him for not getting an ‘A+’,  appreciate his efforts and tell him that he did a very good job and ‘A+’ is not that far now! He will happily study harder ahead.
    Similarly, when your mother tries a new recipe especially for you, appreciate it even when you do not like the resultant dish that much.
    If you do not verbally say ‘I love you’ to each other, show that affection in your actions. Don’t forget when you are asked to do something, check the fridge and bring in whatever is missing, give a helping hand in the house on your day off or simply sit together and enjoy a meal without distractions. These small acts of appreciation and affection towards each other contribute to a happy family.
  • Stay committed to each other:
    A very important character of mentally strong families is the loyalty of each member towards each other. You might not agree with each other’s opinion but supporting each other in an individual decision is essential. Give your suggestions in a healthy manner and when offered a suggestion, listen to it with a cool mind. Support each other when taking important decisions. Disloyalty among partners increases the risk of depression, which in turn affects the environment at home and health of the people living there.Family cooking healthy food together
  • Families that eat together stay together:
    An addition to this sentence is, ‘a family that eats together stays healthier’. This is because one can get inspired by healthy eating habits of the other. Having at least one meal together during the whole day improves the comfort level with each other and gives space for sharing one’s problems and gathering multiple opinions. Sharing problems with near ones decreases the chances of let downs and stress.

    Eating together can also help in planning healthy recipes for the next day. When you eat with your family members, you may also try some healthy dish which you would not do normally while eating alone.
  • Plan family days-out:
    It’s you, your parents and your grandparents in the picnic. If in a joint family, it’s your uncles, aunts and cousins too. Go out together, spend quality time and indulge in fun and laughter. Unplanned spontaneous games and activities can help in achieving lot of happiness. And happiness is health!
  • Spiritual well-being is essential:
    Spiritual well-being doesn’t require you to visit a temple or a mosque or any other holy place. Going to such places may enhance bonding among family members for some. What is more important is having a positive attitude. Since each aspect of health is interlinked to each other, being spiritually, mentally and emotionally healthy would promote physical health of the family.
  • When in crisis, cope together:
    Every family faces crisis some or the other time. Every family also shares some common interests. Crisis brings every one closer when they look forward to solving problems together. It improves quality time with each other by working on it together.
  • Exercise together:
    Ever felt those jealous vibes when your sister is getting fitter day by day! To avoid that, put on your workout shoes and exercise together to achieve your fitness goals. Healthy competition with each other can motivate you to work out even better.hands over hands of a family
  • Consume healthy curcumin-enriched supplements:
    Each family member has his or her own need of getting supplementation.  Women may feel lethargic due to anaemia or due to being overworked. Boosthealth Tablets improve energy, deal with PCOD, irregular periods, PMS, menopausal symptoms. Calcium deficiency can be tackled with plant-based calcium that is easily absorbed by the body from Bonboost Tablets. To soothe the nerves, sip on Daily Calm Tea in which flowers and herbs help to relieve stress. Women can lose weight by including Weight Watchers Tea in their tea-time.

    The men of the house can stay energized and improve vitality with Vitalboost Tablets and reduce their stress level with Stresaway Tablets. To reduce cholesterol and to detox, Cholestoblast Capsules and Daily Detox Tea can be had regularly.

    Since with age a person is predisposed to diabetes, Diabewell Tablets and Juice help normalize sugar level and manage Diabetes. Grandparents can keep their hearts beating with Cardigold Juice and kidneys functioning well with Nephrogold Tablets. They also need healthy digestion which comes from Celiacgold Juice, no recurrent illness with Immune Boosting Tea and need relief from arthritis with Arthrogold oil and Tablets.

    The teenagers of the house are worried about their hair, skin and immunity. For these we have Tressgrow oil, Oxyrich Juice and Capsule and Immunoblast Capsules, respectively.

    Children need Immunoblast Juice so that they do not fall sick regularly. Daily Strength Juice eases breathing for children, Daily Boost Tea promotes their energy level, and Visiongold Juice improves their vision.

    Pure quality of curcumin works for each member in a family in improving their physical, mental and emotional health.


Olivia Newton-John once aptly said ‘family, nature and health all go together’.

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