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Best Pain Relief Oil Arthrogold in India

Preserva Arthrogold
Ayurveda, the ‚Äúscience of life‚ÄĚ is one of the oldest healing systems in the world. It focuses on every aspect of life including lifestyle and overall wellbeing. In Ayurveda along with natural medication you have to follow certain principles to live long and to control any disease.¬†
Ayurvedic medicines are a complex mixture of herbs, minerals and metals. These herbal formulations are primarily prepared by adding heavy metals (lead, iron, gold, silver, arsenic) or bhasma (ash) and known as herbo-bio-metallic preparations. Metals are added for therapeutic purposes such as for quick action, to lessen the dose, to prolong the life cycle of the product and to provide better taste or mask the bitter taste of some herbs. But adding metals in any preparation is a time consuming and complex process. Moreover, if it is not done in the correct manner, these heavy metals can become harmful to the entire body and can cause potential toxicity leading to distrust in the Ayurvedic system of medicine.

Accurate and well-designed scientific research on medicinal plants and therapeutic practices of Ayurveda is necessary to overcome this complex issue and to improve Ayurvedic formulations to harvest all health benefits without adding heavy metals. Preserva Wellness has developed their products keeping this concern in mind. We have used a combination of Phytomedicine with Ayurveda to create innovative products with a holistic approach thus eliminating the use of metals. A person holding his knees in joint painPhytochemicals are the natural active compound of any medicinal plant such as tannins, alkaloids, flavanoids, terpenoids, saponins, phenols and many more. 

Preserva Wellness uses the unique combination of these two techniques to provide treatment of various diseases in a well balanced manner by using the active constituent from medicinal plants in a scientific way and formulating products according to Ayurveda in a natural way. Our formulations are the purest blend of bioactive plant and herbal components which work in a cumulative way to produce the desirable effect. Preserva Wellness brings to you a range of pure herbal products free from metals, developed by adopting sensitive methods and rigorous experimentation and techniques. Our product range is based on different body systems including circulatory, respiratory, digestive health, nervous health, skeletal health etc.

Best Ayurvedic oil for joint pain
Our skeletal health range includes a pain relief oil, a capsule for inflammation and body pain, a tablet for arthritis and osteoporosis and a cold pressed juice based on aloe vera for immediate relief from swelling. All our products are based on the golden herb Turmeric and we use the active component of Turmeric known as Curcumin to increase its efficacy. Our Arthrogold oil is the best pain relief oil in India since it is an Ayurvedic medicated mixture of bio-active plant based extracts. It imparts long lasting effect without any harm and our oil not only treats ailments such as pain, inflammation, sore muscles, migraines etc. but also heals and rejuvenates the affected and nearby tissues. 

Why should you use Arthrogold Oil?
Using Arthrogold oil eases muscle and joint pain primarily. It will soothe and subside inflammation quickly and release pressure from muscles. Arthrogold oil speeds up recovery process for people who are suffering from arthritis, fractures, muscle sprains, hairline fractures or any muscle tension. Moreover it will help regain the normal functions of joints and tissues. When used in combination with Arthrogold tablets it provides immediate relief from pain as well as removes the root cause for any skeletal disease which provides long term relief. 

Benefits of Arthrogold oil:
Arthrogold oil imparts strength to the joints and the limbs, nourishes the affected joints, removes pain and inflammation, increases blood circulation, relieves morning stiffness, back and neck pains, improves bone function and enhances osteo mobility.

Arthrogold oil contains extracts and oils of Aloe Vera, Nirgundi, Punarnava, Ginger, Turmeric, Rasana, Akarkara, Olive oil, Eucalyptus, Turpentine, Camphor, Peppermint, Sesame, winter green, Erand, Clove, Haldi, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Ajwain. It is a comprehensive formulation developed to improve your overall skeletal health and cure any skeletal ailments.

Why it is better than home remedies, other pain oils or allopathic medicines?
Arthrogold Oil is one of the most effective oils for the Arthritis since it is prepared A person having arthritis joint pain in his hand by using the best known medical herbs specially meant to work on the joints and associated parts to provide maximum relief and a complete cure from pain and inflammation. The oil has active ingredients of herbs instead of just oils from crushed herbs which makes it more effective than home remedies or just simply eating ginger or turmeric. It also has no side effects and does not harm any other body systems which makes them safer to use than allopathic medicines. We have included Aloe Vera because it is the best source of many vitamins and minerals, works as a natural steroid, repairs the damaged tissue and promotes healing. The herbs Nirgundi and Punarnava both provide muscle relaxation at the site of pain and inflammation. Ginger and Turmeric are the most promising herbs for all types of Arthritis, assist in better blood circulation in the affected area, speed up the healing process and slow down deformation and further damage to bones and muscles.

How is Arthrogold oil ideally used?
Take 5-6 drops of Arthrogold Oil into your palm, apply at the affected area with gentle massage for a few seconds. Let the oil absorb into the skin. If the oil is to be used for massage then use Arthrogold oil along with clove oil in a 1:5 ratio and apply to the affected area.

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