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Daily care of your body

The sedentary lifestyle that we all lead nowadays has increased the need for special attention to the body on a daily basis. Neglecting health can lead to several issues like rising blood sugar and blood pressure, prolonged headache, respiration problems, bacterial and fungal infections etc. It is essential to counter the root cause of the problems in order to eradicate the issue completely from the body.

Some lifestyle problems that affect the human body are:

  • Environmental pollution
  • ¬†Low immunity of the body
  • ¬†Inability to handle stress
  • ¬†Irregular hormonal levels
  • ¬† Poor level of nutrition in daily diet
  • ¬†Consumption of unhealthy food and sweetened beverages

These are generic modern day lifestyle problems that affect the body adversely. Get to know about some simple ways which can help in getting rid of these problems and contribute towards better health and wellness. Daily care of the body becomes easier and simpler with the tips given below:

1. Sweat More: Regular exercise makes the body fit and strong enough to better deal with illness. A woman checking the calendarThe body needs to release toxins and exercise is a good way for doing so. Make a habit of going for a walk regularly or dance your heart out. Adopt whichever form of exercise you want, just ensure that you do it regularly for a minimum of 30 minutes. 

2. Disconnect from the world: After being trapped in the hustle and bustle of the world, it becomes really difficult to keep yourself charged and revived. Failure to do so can result in more stress and anxiety, which in turn leads to high blood pressure and many more diseases. One way of disconnecting from the world is to meditate daily. Take few minutes out to connect to yourself. Switch off your phone and get into relaxation mode for 10-15 minutes daily.

3. Detox your body and say goodbye to alcohol and smoking: Alcohol and smoking can deteriorate health to an unbelievable limit. Not only does it deteriorate health but also makes the body irrecoverable and more vulnerable to diseases. Thus, maintaining distance from these habits can contribute to the body in a lot of positive ways. Dink green tea, black tea or limited amount of coffee, as they are rich in anti-oxidants, for a healthy body.

4. Relax your mind: Your mind has the power to control many functions of body. This clearly defines the importance of mental health for us. As per Ayurveda, mental and physical health is interconnected. When the mind is at peace, it can lead to favourable changes in health. Practice yoga, read good books and listen to soothing music. 

5. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables: Whatever one eats, shows on the body. To feel good, it is important to feed the body well with fresh fruits and vegetables. Proper and adequate amount of nutrition is the key to good health. Make a habit of including fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

6. Laugh More: In a world where people have forgotten to smile, we suggest the age old adage A plate full of healthy fruits and vegetables next to skipping rope, gym equipment, chopping tray, and water bottlethat laughter is the best medicine. It is one of the most important habits, which is totally forgotten between our busy schedules. It can be difficult to smile away the problems but with passage of time, the mind gets trained to see the positive side of every situation and smiling becomes a habit that attributes greatly to good body care. Watch comedy shows, take a tour of cartoon channels like kids, spend time with people who make you happy and laugh and try to find humour in even the toughest situations.

7. Power of Nature: A natural approach to taking care of our body can go a long way in preventing and curing illness. This is because our body reacts in the most positive manner to the elements of Mother Nature. Ayurveda has amazing restorative qualities to keep the body healthy and strong. Preserva Daily Strength juice is the boost that the human body needs for daily care of the body. 

Regularly consuming this juice prevents several problems like cold, cough, respiratory issues, allergies, nasal problems etc. It is also recommended to people suffering from asthma and bronchitis as it strengthens the lungs. It is a natural power-packed formula with Aloe Vera pulp, Tulsi and Curcumin juice to keep the body protected from environmental factors. Including this juice in your daily routine can make taking care of your body very easy and simple. It is recommended by dieticians, nutritionists and doctors!

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