Diwali diya next to sweets and gifts. Text written- Avoid weight gain during Diwali

Defying weight-gain while enjoying Diwali

The festival of lights is here once more. This is the celebration taking place when good wins over evil and the festive celebrations should include your health winning over your diseases. Time before Diwali gets taken up in preparation of festivities, the time during festivities is spent on getting ready and consuming good food and time after the festival is spent in overcoming festive blues. There are still chances and simple ways for maintaining your health and weight. It just requires being a little more alert on your part.

People who have a sweet tooth know how hard it is to control sweet cravings on seeing that piece of kaju katli. And once that goes inside; the calories consumed rise. They get deposited around your waist, arms, thighs and you know what else gets increased! The weighing machine offends you a lot after Diwali. The oily food with those sweet puddings which satisfy your taste buds after every festive meal make you cringe after the festivities bid adieu. The happiness of meeting relatives and the charm of dressing up gets in the way of keeping up your physical activity and exercises to control your weight. Oh yes, pre- Diwali shopping is more important than hitting the gym!

Another culprit for your not-so-healthy routine during Diwali season is the time spent on cleaning the house, getting it painted and decorating it. During the house cleaning process, you may skipping meals. When you eat after a long break, there is a natural tendency to fill a big plate up and gulp it all at once. This habit is a big contributor to your increased weight after the festivities.Three different types of sweets in different colours

No one wants to lose health deliberately for ten days of fun. At the same time, no one wants to lose the Diwali fun for anything. Since both have to be considered; there is a solution to keep the fun going with some easy-to-follow tips:

  • Sweets that are made at home are better to consume!
    You already spend so much time in preparation. How about utilizing some time to make your favourite sweets at home! You will know the quality and quantity of raw ingredients like ghee you use. This will help you to keep a watch on the quantity you consume.
    The snacks you eat can include fresh and seasonal fruits and non-fried nuts and dry fruits like almonds, cashews, pistachios, figs and raisins.
  • Use smaller plates at your home or at a party!
    Take out a small plate and fill it with healthy foods and snacks after every few hours. This way, you are going to eat limited and would not stay hungry at the same time. Skipping meals would not help in limiting weight gain. Even when you are busy playing cards, always use a small plate and eat slowly. You might be full before you anticipated it.
  • Keep one meal light!
    When you know you have a party planned in the evening, have a light lunch of homemade food. You can have any vegetable or dal or even a besan cheela to balance out the calories.
    Eat one or two pieces of fruit before you leave for the party or before guests come over so that you don’t end up overeating and bingeing on fried or unhealthy snacks.A stressed person due to obesity and overeating
  • Minimize alcohol; increase water!
    Stay hydrated with a lot of water intake. Put to use your favourite glass or water bottle. They get bored lying in the kitchen rack.
    Though it is difficult to say a complete NO to alcohol but chances of saying ‘no’ to some of the glasses you are offered are still high. Minimize the amount of alcohol you take and avoid mixers like aerated drinks, canned or packed juices and anything else with excess sugar. Have a glass of water after every alcoholic drink so you don’t dehydrate your body.
  • Add Weight Watchers Tea to your tea time!
    Herbs like guarana, Jaswand, orange pekoe, cinnamon, green tea and curcumin when had at tea time after every heavy meal, work on the fat in food you consume and existing fat deposits in your body. It requires no more than 5 minutes to make and drink it. Easy to make and easier to consume!
  • Keep Nutrixgold Juice and Turmlitegold Capsules!
    Aloevera, gooseberry, lemon, curcumin in Nutrixgold Juice help in burning the extra calories during Diwali festive eating and limit the upsurge in your weight. Garcinia, methi, green tea and curcumin in Turmlitegold Capsules are highly effective in making you lose weight instead of letting you gain it in the festive season.

Happiness is when you have fun without gaining weight during Diwali. So follow these and have a Happy Diwali!

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