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How to avoid falling sick with changing season

Fight the cyclical blues! 

The changing seasons inspires many creative thinkers to go on reciting poetries. The seasons follow in order of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Summers may trouble many with its heated temperatures; winter makes a lot of people not wanting to leave their quilts. Spring marks the phase of re-birth and new ideas and autumn is the time when farmers harvest fully grown crops and the deciduous trees lose their leaves. While the nature showcases its own charm with every change; it is the human health which suffers the most. Though cold, cough and fever are very common in people when a season changes, you may be affected with other infections also when summer proceeds to winter and vice-versa. Measles and chicken pox are prevalent when spring proceeds towards summers in India.

With every change in spell of year, most people fight to keep themselves and their children healthy. Many virus and bacteria find it a favourable time to multiply during change of season. Your body which was working at certain temperature finds it difficult to readapt to the change in the surrounding environment. The susceptibility of your body towards infections thus increases. This article will introduce you to simple words of advice that can prevent you from falling ill with every natural modification in temperature.

  • Hours of refreshing sleep
    It might be the time for your exams or you may not have completed the project deadline. The more you compromise with your sleep, the more your body and mind will refuse to remain healthy. If your body does not get adequate rest, your immune system will ultimately give up fighting new microbes at every change of season and you will be in bed for atleast a week. Not only the hours but the quality of sleeps also matters. Get off your mind all the thoughts before hitting your bed. Daily Calm Tea can help you with that.A woman having a headache due to seasonal fever
  • Healthy seasonal food means healthy you
    Do not get fascinated by the packed and so called ‘imported’ products. They dig a hole in your pocket and moreover are made for the particular country people. Each soil produces adequate food substances in every season which can provide you with the required nutrients. On top of it they are cost friendly. Compare the price of carrots in winters with its nutrient value. You will start loving it. Never miss any seasonal fruit and vegetable unless and until any chronic medical condition forces you to do that. Do some homework and find seasonal vitamin C and zinc rich foods that are easily available in your area. Include them in your diet to make yourself resistant to infections.
  • Filling breakfast
    Do not skip any meal of the day especially breakfast. The importance of breakfast is hidden in its name. It breaks the overnight fast during sleep and acts as essential fuel for your body before your day begins. It should be loaded with proteins, minerals, vitamins and also contain carbohydrates unless advised otherwise. If you still have a doubt about the importance of breakfast, ask a doctor who sits in the OPD and deals with around 50- 100 infectious patients each day and still remains healthy!
  • Never ignore water that you can never ignore
    Keep yourself hydrated with water, soups and juicy fruits. Again the seasonal soup ingredients and juicy fruits are to be preferred. Water flushes out the toxins and seasonal disease causing microbes from your body. You know the drill, right? Keep a 500 ml sipper beside you and refill it from 8 to 10 times during the day.
  • Keep yourself covered
    When the temperature rises slightly as the winters start bidding goodbye, you are not allowed to shed off all your clothing layers. The sudden hot- cold change makes you more susceptible to catch infection. Your mother calls it ‘sard- garam’. Avoid runny nose, constant coughing and a week’s fever by keeping yourself covered in layers.
  • Nursery step
    Wash your hands before and after a meal and whenever you come out from washroom or get inside your home after wandering out or office. However cold it may be outside, do not avoid taking bath atleast once a day. Water will wash away many of the germs on your body. Pocking your nose, touching your eyes unnecessarily, coughing without covering your mouth is strictly banned.Checking the temperature of a person with a thermometer
  • Primary care
    If somebody catches an infection of cold, cough, sore throat; he should avoid sharing his food, drinks and clothes with the healthy members around him. If infections like measles and chickenpox develop, the sick person should rest on a separate bed. His usable items should be regularly cleaned and children and old aged people should stay away from him.
  • Stressed? It’ll affect your health
    Stress reduces the amount of mood boosting hormones such as serotonin in body and makes your body release stress hormones which can exhaust your immune system. Your system gives way to the microbial invaders and makes your body diseased. Use Stresaway Tablet to remain calm during stressful conditions and spasms.
  • Stay Active
    Your body is a live machine. It requires remaining activated so that it does not get rusted with the disease causing microbes. What better option than exercising regularly. Morning walks, stretching exercises, dancing, swimming and the list is endless. Pamper yourself with the physical activity that you can enjoy to the fullest.
  • When the environment harms, nature helps
    Heard of curcumin? If not, then let me tell you that it is the active ingredient of turmeric which can help you remain protected and fight with over hundred ailments. The trick to make curcumin effective for your body in the changes of season is to opt for a pure natural Ayurvedic supplement which contains curcumin enriched blend of herbs. Immunoblast Capsules and Immunoblast Juices are just one click away from boosting your immunity
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