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How to control diabetes at home

Incidents of pre-diabetes and diabetes are rising at an alarming rate. Nobody, including the younger generation is spared and is suffering miserably. Along with our sedentary lifestyle modern systems of medicine are providing treatments to temporarily control your Diabetes but not to cure it. This also comes with lots of side effects on other organs. On the other hand, research has shown that Ayurveda has the formulations and knowledge which treat and cure the disease traditional herbs and mitigates the adverse effects thereby increasing life expectancy.

Ayurvedic systems are deep rooted and have been in practice for thousands of years; it has wide application and long lasting cures for all ailments including diabetes or Madhumeha as it is also known. Ayurveda uses medicinal plants and natural cures to deal with any disease. According to Ayurveda, Madhumeha or Diabetes comes under the category of major diseases (maha rog) because it leads to numerous other complications such as kidney failure, urological problems, joint pain, eye problems, impotency etc. In Ayurveda, the aim of treatment is to not only control the blood sugar but also to rejuvenate the whole body and to prevent all stages of Diabetes. Ayurvedic treatment involves medication, lifestyle modification and following a set diet to cut down the dependency on medicines and treat the root cause of any disease to ensure a healthy life ahead. This is why Preserva Wellness has developed Ayurvedic formulations and combined it with Phytochemicals or active medicinal extracts of herbs and plants to make our traditional products more effective using modern techniques.

Preserva’s Diabewell Juice and Tablets are highly effective diabetes treatments in Ayurveda. The posses numerous herbs to benefit Diabetic patients, some of which are listed below:

  • ALOE VERA¬†a rich source of glucomannan (dietary fibre) is an age old ornamental plant and has been used as an herbal medicine. It is beneficial for treating metabolic disorders and it may help to reduce high blood glucose levels significantly due to its invigorating effect. It also has a soothing and healing quality. Regular intake of Aloe vera helps regulate and stabilize blood glucose level in a natural way, fastens healing process, is a good detoxifier and helps stimulate the intestinal absorption of other ingredients. It works for both Type-1 and Type-2 Diabetes.¬†Glucometer, insulin injection, and diabetes medication
  • NONI¬†possesses the tremendous potential to regulate high blood glucose level, promotes natural insulin production, detoxifies the liver, helps to reduce triglyceride levels and also encourages glucose uptake.¬†
  • Amla¬†with its high vitamin C content flushes out toxins, aids and strengthens vision. Amla also regulates normal blood pressure and acts against inflammation.¬†
  • BANABA¬†decreases sugar level, balances triglycerides, LDL & HDL levels, promotes and enhances glucose uptake. It contains triterpinoids that stimulate glucose transport inside the cells.¬†
  • INDIAN BLACK BERRY¬†is a strong source of antioxidants, contains numerous polyphenols along with fibres and minerals and has a spectacular effect on chronic diabetes. It keeps insulin spikes in control and significantly lowers down blood sugar level and at the same time keeps the blood sugar level under control. Here natural bio-active compound ‚Äúmycaminose‚ÄĚ helps to stimulate insulin secretion and mimic the action of glibenclamide a well known anti-diabetic drug.¬†
  • HARAD¬†has extraordinary healing power, helps control blood glucose level fluctuations. It is one of the three herbal constituents of Triphala and is a famous rejuvenating herb with a long history of medicinal uses and a natural cure for a wide variety of disorders and diseases. It helps the digestive system and improves glucose tolerance.¬†
  • TURMERIC¬†is found in each Preserva Wellness product as it has over 200 health benefits and imparts anti-inflammatory action. It helps reduce insulin resistance and improves insulin sensitivity.¬†
  • KARELA¬†has a significant hypoglycemic effect and contains insulin like compound ‚Äúpolypeptide-p‚ÄĚ naturally.¬†
  • GILOYA¬†helps to stimulate insulin release from the pancreas, also improves energy level and reduces stress.¬†
  • KUTKI¬†is a good liver tonic and improves liver metabolism.¬†
  • DALCHINI¬†or Cinnamon gives an insulin like response in the body, regulates carbohydrate metabolism, slows down the emptying of the stomach and improves insulin sensitivity.¬†
  • MANJISTHA¬†plays a key role in blood purification and immunity.¬†
  • GUDMAR¬†prevents sugar cravings, regulates excessive hunger, improves supports pancreatic health, boosts insulin level and maintains pre and post prandial glucose levels.¬†
  • GREEN TEA¬†contains flavonoids (antioxidants) which sensitize cells towards insulin and increase metabolism. Hence it can reduce the risk of developing diabetes and the associated symptoms and may help delay the onset of Diabetes as well. It also helps in weight loss which is usually a requirement for Diabetic patients.¬†
  • AMLA¬†also known as Indian Gooseberry helps to combat free radicals and is a potent source of Vitamin C, flavonoids, tannins, pectin and most importantly chromium that help regulate the metabolism of carbohydrates and increase insulin sensitivity. Amla also helps reduce LDL and enhance HDL level. It therefore provides protection from various diseases that have been linked with diabetes, such as heart disease, joint pain, inflammation, indigestion, eye problems, obesity and other conditions.

How do Preserva Diabewell Juice & Tablets help combat Diabetes?
Active phyto-constituents and extracts present in Diabewell Juice and Tablets together work in a Neem leaf, branches, and juice in small white and glass containerssynergistic way to help normalize blood glucose level and minimize the chances of long term health issues, making it a trusted, effective and promising remedy for diabetes. We have combined modern day research based technology of using Phytochemicals with ancient Ayurvedic ingredients to make our pure and potent formulations. Diabewell juice and tablet work in many fold ways by helping to stimulate beta cells to regulate insulin in a proper and effective way, overcoming insulin resistance and increasing the glucose absorption inside cells thus reducing serum glucose levels and thereby increasing the utility and availability of spare glucose at the cellular level. It maintains normal pre-prandial and post-prandial sugar levels. Diabewell works for Type-1 and Type-2 diabetes, and also nourishes all the vital organs due to the presence of other powerful anti-oxidant herbs.

Why is a plant based natural approach or Ayurveda a better form of treatment for Diabetes?
Ayurveda, one of the most ancient systems of medicine is a plant based approach which focuses on holistic healing. It believes in sustaining health and the state of well being as well as maintaining the balance of mind, body and soul, which makes it completely different from modern systems of medicines. Modern systems such as allopathy use synthetic chemicals to cure ailments such as diabetes and cause immense damage to other body systems and organs. This natural approach is now gaining attention of the western world with more and more people taking interest and choosing Ayurveda over allopathy. Ayurveda is now getting global recognition since it uses herbal and natural remedies to treat and cure any illness; these plants based natural extracts sync with our delicate body systems without causing side effects. Not only that, Ayurveda believes in curing the disease, not suppressing it temporarily as is done by allopathy which is making it widely accepted over the world.

Other preventive measures to reduce the risk of Diabetes:
Apart from Ayurvedic medicines like Diabewell Juice and Diabewell Tablets, one should also make certain lifestyle and diet modifications to live a healthy life and to ensure the supplements work effectively. Some of these are: 

  • Get your blood sugar test and other diabetes related tests done on a regular basis.
  • Try to reduce weight and regularly exercise as being overweight is one of the major contributors for developing the diabetes.
  • ¬†Control unhealthy food habits and avoid sugary drinks.¬†
  • ¬†Being active helps the cells to make insulin easily available without much stress on our body system so move away from living a sedentary life.¬†
  • ¬†Prefer whole grain food over junk or processed food, as whole grains protect us from diabetes, while refined food increases the risk.¬†
  • Reduce the intake of carbohydrates or foods containing a high quantity of sugar.¬†
  • Increase the intake of fibre (vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and whole grains) in your daily diet since fibres help to slow down the absorption of sugar and sustains blood glucose levels. It also satiates you and keeps you feeling full for longer.¬†
  • Avoid fried food and margarines as they are rich sources of unhealthy fats (LDL) which is also one of the main causes of heart disease and diabetes. ¬Ľ Shift to a nutrient dense, balanced diet to prevent the onset of diabetes. ¬Ľ Avoid stress, since it suppresses the immune system and alters the need for insulin, which in turn increase the risk of Type-2 diabetes.¬†

According to various surveys and data it has been found that more than one fourth population is suffering from pre-diabetes and diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes. The number is going to increase drastically in the coming days if preventive measures are not taken. To manage and cure diabetes completely, Ayurveda recommends specific herbs for desired results. Ayurveda along with the above mentioned preventive measures will surely help in the long run. While it may be slow acting, it will surely work towards the betterment of your health and well being. The choice is yours! Order Diabewell Juice and Tablets Tod

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