World Cancer Day with Purple, yellow and green ribbons

National Cancer Awareness Day - Beat Cancer With Awareness

Cancer! The word is scary itself. We wish there was a cure for it but we are still a few years away from it. The uncontrolled growth of cells of a certain tissue or organ that happens when one is affected by cancer gives problems more than the worst nightmare. The reason for uncontrolled growth might be unexplainable in some cases but there are lot of things that can be done for prevention, early diagnosis and adequate management and treatment of the cancerous state.  

Due to the rising number of cancer cases each year, not only are global organizations doing their best to raise awareness but India, as a country, is also working hard to minimize the occurrence of cancer, diagnose it at an early stage and prevent disabilities and deaths associated with it. The 7th of November each year is observed as National Cancer Awareness Day since the year 2014 across India. This started after an announcement made by the then Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan to mark this day as an initiative to spread cancer awareness.  It is being taken as a day to decrease the amount of burden cancer puts on a common man be it physically, mentally, on the family of the affected person or financially.

When there is even a slight alternation in normal process of cell growth and cell death and when the natural growth of cells outnumbers natural cell death, the possibility of cancer develops. The factors that initiate this uncontrolled growth include genetics, habits such as chronic tobacco chewing or smoking, not addressing existing diseases or medical conditions such as ulcers or oesophageal stricture in a timely manner. The uncontrolled cell growth in cancer mostly causes tumours but all tumours are not cancerous. Some are benign, i.e. they stay limited to the affected region and do not spread to other parts of body. Malignant or cancerous tumours interfere with normal functioning of the human body and take up excess nutrients from other body tissues. The malignant cells spread to distant parts of the body through blood, lymph and to adjacent body parts through multiplication of cells.Cancer patient lying down and looking out of the hospital window

The problem is large. The solution requires being alert about your health for prevention and management of cancer. Here are a few tips you can include in daily routine to be on the safer side:

  • Minimize the use of plastic!
    Good for the environment! Good for you too! Some studies do link the over use of plastic in your routine to an increased risk of cancer. Polyvinyl chloride in plastic is the decomposed form of a known carcinogen for humans called vinyl chloride. When the nation has already geared up in banning single-use plastic, participate in it to get health benefits for yourself!
  • Quit smoking!
    This is a serious cause and should be taken seriously. No matter the number of times you have failed in the process of quitting smoking, try again and try till the time you succeed in the process. Smoking is hazardous to every organ of your body. Do not blame anyone after an unfortunate encounter with cancer if you have been an active or a passive smoker.
  • Chewing tobacco is a big NO!
    Keeping it in your mouth for a long time and chewing it irritate the cells of mouth which predispose to cancer of tongue and throat. Save your pennies and save your health. 5 packets per day can cost you an approximate amount of Rs 9,125 per year! That may be a monthly salary of someone in your office! You can get a comfortable outfit and shoes in that amount and flaunt them.Doctor holding a cancer ribbon vector
  • Get your routine tests done!
    Early diagnosis is half success in treatment. If cancer is diagnosed at an early stage through routine tests, you are more likely to recover early and successfully. Women should conduct a self breast examination atleast once every 3 months if not more often to minimize the risk of breast cancer. Keep everyday problems like gastric issues, excessive acidity, ulcers and frequent infections also in check as they make your body more susceptible to cancer.
  • Consume a curcumin supplement!
    Not only do your habits but the habits of people in your surroundings and the condition of your environment play a vital role in raising your risk of cancer. The role of curcumin in prevention of cancer and controlling the division of cells in cancer has been verified in various studies. Curcumin also limits the side effects of chemotherapy in cancer. It also increases immunity of healthy individuals and people with a family history of cancer which can prevent the occurrence and proliferation of cancerous cells. Consume pure and potent curcumin daily in Immunoblast Capsules for the purpose of prevention and management in cancer.

Beat cancer with better and prior awareness. You only live once and cancer should not be the one destroying your health. Better awareness, better prevention, better treatment!

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