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Reduce Risk of Infections, Fight Communicable Diseases

The world has become a house of viruses and a global health emergency has been declared. The recent outbreak of coronavirus infection or covid-19 has made the world a place where panic is more prevalent than prevention and management. As earthlings, we need to get together in this hour of crisis so that causalities can be prevented. It is not something we are witnessing for the first time. SARS- CoV, a strain of Coronavirus led to severe acute respiratory syndrome outbreak. Similar infections of Coronavirus outbreak took place in Middle East in the year 2012, 2015, and 2018.

The most dangerous strain of Coronavirus i.e. COVID 19 is active currently and spreading at an unprecedented rate. Mild infection can begin with normal symptoms of runny nose, dry cough, sore throat and fever. The infection may progress to breathlessness, pneumonia and can prove fatal in people who have either low immunity due to an existing disease or who have ignored the initial stages of infection. It began as a pneumonia outbreak in Wuhan, China in December 2019. Within no time, it has reached multiple countries including India. While virus can keep mutating itself to cause more severe infections and the external risk of other communicable diseases can also increase with passing time, the focus has to be minimizing panic and maximising prevention against communicable diseases and infections such as coronavirus.


Here are few ways to do it:

  • Step out of the country only if extremely necessary!
    Do avoid going out of the country as much as possible especially to the countries which have severe outbreak of corona virus. The risk of transmission is extremely high while travelling. If you are returning from an infected area, get yourself screened for infection. When you have been advised by the officials to stay at home or quarantine yourself, do follow the instructions. Please also be mindful of the travel restrictions that might have been impose on your country or the country you are travelling to.A man wearing a mask to himself protect against Coronavirus
  • Wash your hands frequently!
    Well you have been taught this since Nursery but it has become a necessity now. Wash your hands before and after eating, after using the washroom and public transport, after returning from crowded places, coming to office and getting back to your home. Use an alcohol-based sanitizer if available. Otherwise, wash your hands with regular soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds without getting trapped in a panic situation.
  • Avoid crowded places and public gatherings!
    You may not be aware of the person who is infected with a contagious disease or corona virus infection in gatherings and crowded places. You may get in contact with infected person and make yourself diseased. This also increases the risk of infection of people coming in contact with you at home and office.
  • Follow the 1 meter rule!
    Keep a distance of 1 meter or 3 feet from every person, especially from someone who is sneezing or coughing as the infected air droplets can infect you if you stand in the vicinity of 1 meter of the infected person. Also, keep your face covered when you cough and sneeze with a tissue or a handkerchief. Dispose the used tissue immediately and wash the used handkerchief as soon as you reach home. Only infected people are advised to use masks. The rest have to follow strict precautionary measures. Avoid hoarding masks as those who need it such as patients, doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals can get them.
  • A ‘Namaste’ over a handshake can help!
    Avoid direct contact with other people. Instead of handshakes, use other means of greeting such as with folded hands or with a ‘salaam’ or ‘namaste’. Direct contact between two people always increases the risk of transmission of communicable diseases and infections such as Coronavirus infection.
  • Do NOT skip meals!
    It is a thumb rule that one should not step out of home without having a healthy and filling breakfast. When you skip a meal, your body experiences weakness and your immune system has to compromise. A weakened immune system can in no way protect you from getting infected with prevalent infections. You also might be tempted to eat outside but be wary of where you eat.A doctor wearing a mask and gloves holding a piece of paper with COVID-19 written on it
  • Focus on STRENGTHENING the immune system!
    The virus will keep mutating. Bacteria and other contagious micro-organisms can also rise in the environment. While the external scenario may or may not change soon, one thing that can always be taken care of is strengthening of your immune system. The best way to do it is with natural herbs.

    Curcumin extracted from the root of turmeric is one of the most efficient herbs to prevent and fight infections and strengthen the immune system. It has been functional for ages. Herbs which improve the absorption of curcumin and immunity in the body are black pepper, ginger, ashwagandha and other such combinations.

    Moringa provides calcium to strengthen your body. Tulsi, Ashwagandha, black pepper, hibiscus, lemon grass and rose petals provide essential nutrients such as vitamin C to improve your immunity against pathogens and infections such as corona virus.

    Aloe vera keeps your body hydrated with improved immunity. Apple and mulberry help your body get nutrients like iron and vitamin C which do not let your haemoglobin level fall and thus do not let weakness take over your immune system.

    The above herbs can be easily consumed in pure form and regulated amount in Immunity Booster Pack which comprises of Immunoblast Juice, Immunoblast Capsules and Immune Boosting Tea.

Coronavirus has been declared a pandemic by World Health Organisation. Prevention is must. Panic is not needed but boosting your immunity is. Let your immune system do the job for you and stay safe! Embrace good health even now!

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