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What influences your metabolism and how to increase it?

Some people are blessed with a good metabolism which allows them to stay slim and fit. Some people believe in eating smaller portions in a meal so that their metabolism keeps going. Some people struggle to lose their weight since their metabolism is slow. But what exactly is this metabolism? The chemical processes that occur within your body in order to ensure your survival have been collectively grouped under metabolism. Break down of large molecules i.e. catabolism e.g. digestion and synthesis of complex molecules in the body i.e., anabolism; both contribute to the metabolism of your body. Your body converts the food that you eat into energy so that chemical processes inside it can run smoothly. Metabolic processes also convert the food into building blocks i.e., proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, carbohydrates and eliminate the nitrogenous wastes from the body. It is important to maintain the right rate of metabolic activities in your body to sustain a physically, emotionally and psychologically healthy lifestyle. To make your task easier, Preserva Wellness has hand crafted a wide range of curcumin enriched pure herbal products. Using the healing power of Ayurveda, our company has formulated products in modern forms such as, capsules, juices tablets, herbal teas and oils for external application. To improve your metabolic health, pure herbal curcumin enriched formulations of Oxyrich Juice and Capsule, Nutrixgold Juice and Turmelitegold Capsules are not to be missed products.

Decreased metabolism can do much more harm than you think. Appropriate metabolic rate is necessary for basic bodily functions such as your heartbeat, brain function, and breathing. Despite eating a balanced diet, it becomes difficult for you to lose weight if the metabolic rate of your body is slow. While losing your weight is important if you are overweight, the quality of food that you put inside your stomach holds greater significance. The amazingly tasty spices and herbs that add glory to your kitchen do much more than imparting flavour to the food. Their antioxidant content is quite helpful in increasing your metabolism. Help yourself in getting the right weight with aromatic and tasty cups of Weight Watcher Tea along with regular exercise regularly which may include walking, jogging, cycling, and swimming.A person checking their waist size with measuring tape

Due to decreased metabolic rate, your skin will lose its lustre and become dry as it is not able to get the vital nutrients and proper blood supply. Your nails will become brittle for the same reason with increased ridges in them. Also in order to conserve heat, your body will not sweat as much as required and this would lead to dry and cracked skin. Lack of micronutrients in your body would cause your hair to fall out easily. Use Tressgrow Tablet which is a blend of curcumin, turmeric, amla, bhringraj, anantmool, bhumiamla and brahmi to prevent hair fall, increase hair growth and to improve hair and scalp health. Tressgrow Oil is also available for the same and is made from bhringraj, triphla, shikakai, brahmi, sagon oil.

Slow digestion and resultant constipation is another sign of slow metabolic rate of the body. In this case, eat foods and drinks that are low in fat and optimum in the other nutrients required for the body. One table spoon of Diagemax Juice each in morning and evening can reduce digestive problems, bloating and gas formation. If the metabolism of the body is slow in women due to calorie deficit, irregular periods, loss of bone density and frequent stress fractures become common in them. Boosthealth Tablet is known to maintain female hormonal balance, improve general reproductive health and regularize the periods. To ensure good bone density and avoid fractures in men as well as in women, 100% vegetarian Bonboost Tablet should be used with diet rich in vitamin D and calcium. A slow metabolism is also linked to insulin resistance in the body, especially in diabetics. Diabetics start craving sugar and other carbohydrates. Diabewell Juice and Diabewell Tablet reduce sugar cravings, promote insulin production and decrease insulin resistance in diabetics. Slow basal metabolic rate decreases the pulse rate also.

If your diet is deficient in calories that are required daily for proper functioning of your body, it leads to weakness, sluggishness and decreased metabolism. So always take care that you do not shift to starving to achieve the right weight. Maintain the right calorie intake with good quality of food. Prioritise getting refreshing sleep and adequate rest in your routine. Not getting the right quality of sleep for right duration can cause lethargy, low moods and decreased metabolism throughout the day. Remember that you are an individual who is different from each and every person on this earth. So your stress and emotional disturbance as well as the ways you deal with it are different from everybody around you. The only thing which matters is that you should never let stress overpower your health since increased stress decreases your metabolism. Using Stresaway Tablet daily can combat insomnia, promote mental relaxation, fight anxiety and depression and increase concentration. Excellent Ayurvedic herbs which have been proven time and again to improve the functioning of brain have been used in these tablets e.g. curcumin, turmeric, gotukala, shankhapushpi, jatamanshi.A woman with good gut health doing a thumbs-up

According to the recent researches, the age old wisdom of our ancestors about sunlight and the fat cutter plant garcinia has yet again proven itself. Garcinia cambogia blocks your body’s ability to make fat and puts a brake on your appetite. Since exposure to sunlight is important for maintaining the sleep – wake cycle of the body and stimulation of body cells to produce vitamin D and nitric acid, it becomes crucial for maintaining your good health. The blue light in sunlight can penetrate to the subcutaneous fat tissue of the body and make the fat cells smaller. Smaller fat cells can accommodate excess lipid, are less inflammatory and are generally associated with better metabolic health. To specifically target the fat cells, use Turmelitegold capsule containing garcinia, methi, garlic, green tea, curcumin and turmeric in combination with Nutrixgold Juice or Diagemax Juice. Nutrixgold Juice has all the contents important for boosting metabolism which include Aloevera, lemon, and gooseberry with curcumin juice.

Believing in ‘Pure is Potent’, Preserva Wellness has ensured that gold standard of purity is maintained in each step i.e., in cultivating herbs and using them as ingredients, in packaging products and launching them in the market. The most important ingredient curcumin in our products that your metabolic health is taken care of by virtue of its purifying, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, anti viral, stress relieving and antioxidant properties.
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