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Winter Illnesses

Paul Theroux said in context with nature ‘winter is a season of recovery and preparation.’ So it is for the humans. Though you have every right to enjoy the light sunshine, hot cups of beverages and the tastiest food possible, you cannot ignore the prevalence of certain infections and illnesses in winters.

The cold season mostly gets with itself the common seasonal diseases which include cold, cough, flu, asthma, bronchitis, dry and itchy skin. Infections like sore throat, norovirus infections and conditions like cold sores, painful joints, heart attacks, cold hands and feet become quite common in winters. The chilliness spares no system of your body.


  • Common cold and cough:
    Upper respiratory tract infections, common cold and cough which are mostly of viral origin are common causes of illnesses in children and adult. The patient gets irritated with running or blocked nose, constant coughing, low grade fever and headache. Curcumin and turmeric Immunoblast Capsules can build the immunity of your body. Aloe Vera, apple and curcumin Immunoblast Juice is excellent for building immunity in children.
  • Flu or Influenza:
    A more serious form of winter illness is flu or influenza. Spread by the influenza virus, it is a highly contagious form of infection. The typical symptoms include sudden high fever, sore throat, splitting headache, muscular pains, bouts of dry cough, feeling tired or exhausted, and difficulty in sleeping, pain in your tummy, diarrhoea and nausea. It can be a major killer of people aged above 65 years, pregnant women, and people suffering from diabetes, kidney diseases and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. Keep your body’s defence mechanism highly active with a balanced diet and Immunoblast Capsules.A woman having a cold and sneezing in winter
  • Bronchitis:
    The cold, damp weather can increase problems for patients of bronchitis. Virus responsible for common cold can also sometimes lead to bronchitis or chest cold which causes mucus, wheezing, shortness of breath, fever and chest discomfort which may last up to ten days. Hot and healthy concoctions of Immune Boosting Tea can prevent inflammation of airways due to allergies.
  • Asthma:
    Patients of asthma face challenges indoors and outdoors in winters. The triggers of asthma include mold/ mould (fungus), pet dander or material shed from the body of pets, dust mites and fire in fire places or cold air. Inhaling these triggers clogs your airways with excess mucus. You should be very particular about your medications of asthma at the start of winter. Regularly take Daily Strength Juice to reduce attacks of asthma and bronchitis. It will improve your respiration and the functioning of your lungs.


  • General winter dryness:
    The decreasing temperatures tend to rob off moisture from your skin, scalp and hair. Since the environmental humidity is low in winters, dry flakes on scalp and the skin are common and may also be itchy and irritating. Apply moisturizing lotion or cream that suits your skin immediately after bathing so that the natural moisture of the skin does not evaporate. Application of Tressgrow Oil over your scalp can treat your winter dandruff. Oxyrich Juice can improve the overall quality of your skin and hair.
  • Cold sores:
    One of the infectious winter conditions which are a result of the weather strain as well as the stress of the daily lives are cold sores. Cold sores usually begin with a tingling, itching or burning feeling, followed by appearance of small fluid filled blisters anywhere on the face which burst and crust over into a scab. These sore lesions usually heal within 10 days. Low stress and high immunity and cleanliness levels can help you avoid cold sores.


  • Norovirus infection:
    Norovirus infections can strike you at any time of the year but are more common in winters. Due to its increased prevalence in winters and its effect on the stomach, it is also called ‘winter vomiting bug’ and the ‘stomach bug’. The main symptoms exhibited by the sufferer include nausea, diarrhoea and vomiting and usually go away in about two days. In your infectious period, you should avoid close contacts with people around you, and avoid touching food and objects that would be utilised by other people in the house.A person lying down and coughing due to fever


  • Heart Attacks:
    Your heart has to work harder to keep your body warm since the temperature of the body has a tendency to fall that can result in hypothermia. This phenomenon is common in the elderly people. Due to this, your heart rate and blood pressure may increase which can be problematic especially in people who have prior heart conditions. The alteration in blood characteristics which are a result of cold weather increase the risk of formation of blood clots which can lead to heart attack and stroke. Cardiogold Juice has aloe vera, beetroot, lemon, hibiscus and curcumin juice which can manage high blood pressure and can maintain good blood circulation.
  • Cold hands and feet:
    When the blood circulation and the sensory nerves of body are affected due to cold temperatures, it can lead to a circulatory disorder known as Raynaud’s phenomenon. The fall in temperature creates episodic spasms in the arteries which can restrict blood flow and cause pain and changes in the colour of the skin. The fingers and toes become cold and have a sensation as if needles and pins were pricking them. Initially the skin over them has a white appearance when the blood flow decreases. If no intervention is made at this stage to restore proper flow of blood it causes a bluish appearance of fingers and toes. The skin would turn red as soon as the blood flow is restored. Consult a general practitioner immediately if the symptoms are very bad or are getting worse.


  • Joint Pain and Stiffness:
    Despite lack of scientific evidence, the pain and stiffness in joints rises in winters. Some theories state that the fall in barometric pressure causes muscles and tissues to expand. Because of the limited space inside a human body, pain occurs on expansion, especially in arthritic joints. According to other studies, changes in barometric pressure and colder temperatures can cause painful changes in joint fluid thickness. To obtain relief from joint pain and stiffness, apply Arthrogold oil on your joints, which is a blend of seventeen pure herbal oils and is an excellent analgesic and anti inflammatory oil. Arthrogold Tablets made up of turmeric, rasna, shallaki, and piperine are capable of relieving all kinds of arthritic pains and improving the condition of synovial fluid in joints.

Tips for managing your health at home in the winter:

  • Stay Warm: Keep yourself warm by dressing yourself in layers. While sleeping, use blankets one over the other so that more heat can be trapped between the blankets.
  • Stay covered: The asthmatic patients should cover their face also while stepping outside as the inhalation of cold air may trigger an asthmatic attack.
  • Stay Active: Stay active indoors as much as possible. Do not ignore your exercises in the lazy months of winters. You need them the most now.
  • Stay Energized: To keep yourself energized throughout the day, have hot meals and drinks at regular times. One cup of Daily Boost Tea can keep your body energized and refreshed throughout the day.
  • stay hydrated and moisturised: What you tend to ignore is the liquid intake during winters. Drink plenty of water, soups and other beverages to keep the fluid amount in the body intact. Prevent your skin from getting dry. Apply the moisturizer or oil that suits your skin.
  • Stay clean and hygienic: Take a bath with warm (and not hot) water at least once in a day. Use clean cloth or handkerchief to cover your face while sneezing and coughing. Prevention for you as well as for others is always better than cure.
  • Stay stress free: To relieve yourself from daily stress, enjoy the sunlight in winters. Meditate and do yoga to uplift your senses. Have a cup of Daily Calm Tea to experience immediate calming effect.
  • Stay away from allergy triggers: People who tend to experience allergic reactions in response to any inhaled or edible substance are advised to stay away from them.
  • Stay away: from smoking, alcohol and too much caffeine!
  • Stay at ease: Maintain a proper sleep- wake cycle until and unless your job interrupts in that. Even in such cases, take proper sleep and rest to recover your strength. A cat nap for around 15 to 20 minutes during a busy day can restore all the required energy. When you have all your strength within yourself, winter infections can barely affect you.
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