Two people making healthy food in the kitchen. Text written- Healthy people are most content (World Health Day)

World health day

World Health Day is celebrated on 7th April every year. It was coined to spread awareness about the importance of health and wellness. WHO or World Health Organisation- the branch of the United Nations, focussing on health objectives and on improving health conditions throughout the world, took the initiative of celebrating this day starting in the year 1950. World Health Organisation undertakes special programmes to attain the ultimate goal of providing affordable health care amenities to people all across the world. After all, a healthy manpower determines the strength and future of a country. It organises programmes based on different themes every year to promote initiatives in different health aspects of life. The theme for 2018 is Universal Health Coverage: everyone, everywhere.

Benefits of healthy life are long lasting and are of great importance. To thrive and achieve life goals, staying healthy has to be the topmost priority. Every age-group needs to be healthy to keep up a good balance among various spheres of life.

Good Health Concept
The concept of good health implies to the overall health of a person. It includes physical well-being, mental well-being and social well-being. This concept is broad and positive. Good health means a state of happy body and mind without any conflict. Just the absence of diseases doesn’t cover the concept of good health. Good health stands for presence of happiness and wellness, not just the absence of negative thoughts, illness and unhappiness.

Basket of Benefits
With the heavy work load, day to day activities, emotional imbalance and other problems, attaining good health can be a challenging task. On World Health Day 2018, we bring to you an array of solutions that can contribute towards your overall well-being:

  •  Prioritize things:
    Health comprises of physical, mental and social state of the body. In order to keep the body in its best form, it is important to organise things in our mind and follow the same in real life. Simple and clearly stated things consume lesser energy and provide better impact. When you begin your day, prioritise things in order of urgency. This prevents multitasking and reduces pressure and stress.
  •  Emotional Well Being:
    Keep your emotional life on track. Do not let your relationship issues mess your state of well-being. In fact, try to prioritise and choose what you want in your personal life. Decide and act accordingly and try to remove negativity. These steps can prevent confusion and give you a sense of relief. A vector of a stethoscope checking the earth
  •  Food and Nutrition:
    Food is any substance that we provide our body to maintain life and growth. The energy required to keep the body in good form is also provided by the food we eat. It is dependent upon us to choose nutritious food or processed, unhealthy and fatty food. Thus, it has a great role to play.

Our body needs different nutrients which are macro and micro in nature. Macro nutrients include carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Micro nutrients include Vitamins and Minerals. These cannot be obtained with the help of one single food. So, it is important to include different types of foods to get each and every nutrient in the body.

Try to consume 5 different coloured fruits or vegetables in a day. Foods with probiotics like curd or yogurt should also be consumed regularly for good digestion. Opt for green foods like leafy vegetables and healthy herbs.

  • Dietary Supplements:
    Due to GMO’s, pesticides, insecticides and hormones being pumped into our food, it lacks the essential nutrients which gives rise to the need for natural supplements. Make sure whichever supplements you choose are rich in healthy herbs like turmeric, ginger, aloe vera, tulsi, moringa etc.
  •  Water:
    Drinking lots of water is also important for metabolism and blood circulation. Ensure you drink a minimum of 4 litres of water a day, especially during the summer months to keep the body cool and for maintaining a healthy stomach.
  • Work Out:
    Exercise is the key to a happy and healthy body. Unhealthy body leaves us with no choice other than including exercise in the daily regimen. Why delay? Make exercise a part of your life before you necessarily need to. The benefits of working out daily are innumerable like high energy, balanced hormonal, improved immunity, stronger bones and muscles.

A gym is not the only option for the workout. Choose physical activities that excite you. Go for a walk with your dog. Attend swimming sessions. Use that skipping rope that has been waiting for you since childhood. Or simplify health with magical yoga and meditation sessions.

  •  Positive Approach:
    Healthy lifestyle is not possible without a positive approach.  A vector of a group of people jumping and happy Any great change that we want comes only through positive energies that we include in our life. Health disorders like stress and depression can also be dealt firmly with a change in thinking patterns. A shift in mood from the negative side to positive side speeds up the energy levels and healing process of the body. Positive thoughts when kept handy create positive situations thus, paving way for a balanced lifestyle.
  • Medical Help:
    Timely body checkups are a necessity for tracking the body health. Expert’s advice is required at every phase of life. People generally avoid small health issues without giving a thought. The reality behind such small issues is that these are warning symptoms of upcoming disorders in the body. Thus, it is essential to notice such changes in the body and take good medical advice from time to time.Try to include Ayurvedic health improving techniques in your daily routine. Consult a medical practitioner before including anything new in your health plan.

Importance of Good Health
There is a famous age-old quote that goes, ‘Health is Wealth’. It is not just a saying rather it has a deep meaning. An unhealthy body needs a lot of attention and care or else it attracts illnesses. On the other hand, a healthy person is fit enough to fight any type of pathogen attacking the body. A healthy body knows its limits and reach. The mind is willing to work accordingly and deal with even the worst complexities in life. Health is the greatest possession and there is nothing more valuable.Healthy body looks attractive on the front and feels great on the inside. Do not focus on just attaining a healthy body instead focus on adopting a healthy lifestyle and mind.

On this World Health Day, make a habit of taking the best care of your body because it is the only place you have to live in! It is time to be generous to oneself.

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