Preserva seeks to be a necessary addition to one’s healthy and wholesome lifestyle while adhering to the principles of traditional Indian medicinal practices, specifically Ayurveda, the literal translation of which is ‘the science of life’.

Our logo represents our ideals, rooted in tradition but focused on the modern everyday person. Derived from seven overlapping circles representing the seven main chakras of Ayurvedic tradition, the flower emblem is an organic as well as lively and energetic symbol.

Preserva offers a specialized and supreme range of products that embody good health, from the house of Trigya Health Products Private Limited. These products are produced employing Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medical science, and traditional Indian herbs and plants. Indians have used various plants and herbs for food, healing, curing ailments, increasing longevity, beauty and relaxation as household remedies and now Preserva brings all these benefits in easy to consume products.

Preserva’s philosophy is rooted in the Vedic Sciences, which assert that treating the whole person leads to greater balance and wellness. The company has its own research and testing laboratory, where products are developed, tested and then brought out for consumption by our health and wellness connoisseurs. We believe that treatment is not sustainable; prevention is indeed better than cure. Preserving your health and wellness should therefore be a priority, not just an option!

Preserva products are manufactured using high quality raw materials, some of which are 100% certified organic under strict manufacturing processes, ensuring that only the best reaches our consumers. This is the only brand in the world which uses herbs, primarily Turmeric (Curcumin) and Ginger, to produce an entire range of products to promote wellness. All products have been manufactured with great love and care to impart their wellness to every person who uses them.

The foundation of Preserva is holistic. We believe that an individual’s life can be improved by equipping them with the capacity to fight the ill effects of climate, diseases, pollution, and the environment. It is not just about what you consume, it is about preserving health and spreading wellness!