Our History and Our Mission

Since our inception in 2016, Preserva Wellness has truly redefined the meaning and concept of health and wellness by believing in the Power of Ayurveda with the Promise of Purity®. Preserva Wellness is a woman-founded holistic health and wellness brand that aims to bring together the most high-quality natural products in a way that is effective and healthy, convenient, and easily accessible to all. Our founder Rasmika Bhatia wanted to bring to life a brand with premium natural products which are empowered and inspired by the age-old wisdom of Ayurveda, with a unique modern touch to serve and support an overall balance of health to our customers, our environment and our community.

Our Pride and Joy, Curcumin

Extracted from the root of turmeric, curcumin is endowed with boundless health benefits. From Brain Health to Digestive Health and everything in between, you name it- curcumin has it all! Which is why Curcumin remains the “star ingredient” in most of our products and we are proud to say that we are also the only brand in the world to produce the World’s First Curcumin Ayurveda Teas®.

Sourcing of our Ingredients and Manufacturing Process

At Preserva Wellness, we know exactly where our ingredients come from. We pride ourselves in the fact that our high-quality ingredients are uniquely Indian, with no pesticides and chemicals, from local farms making sure only the healthiest and purest products reach our customers!

Our products are rigorously tested by a team of experts to ensure they meet our standard specifications. Every step of our production is thoughtfully executed. We trust in what nature has built and tirelessly ensure everything we use in of the highest of quality, non-GMO and free from heavy metals, pesticides. Also, it is our priority to treat everyone along our supply chain with care and respect - from the farmers who grow our ingredients, to our retailers and employees, to the people who use our products.

Product Certifications

Our products are put through a stringent vetting process to ensure they meet the high standards for quality, ethics, and purity. We firmly believe in partnering only with manufacturers who hold and maintain the highest third-party certifications of product and ingredient quality, and the manufacturing process.

Our Products

Preserva Wellness offers a wide range of high-quality products that are vegan-friendly, gluten and GMO-free keeping in mind the needs of our consumer. With more than 33 products under our belt, our products range from soothing tea blends and delicious healthy juices to capsules and essential oils, benefitting the different health systems of the body. Many people have already felt the impact of Preserva Wellness and this is only the beginning for the company.

Our Community

We at Preserva always have our customers at the forefront of our minds when creating our products. We also place a strong emphasis on connecting and giving back to the community. Our Free Health Awareness Camps offers Free Consultations from reputed Doctors and Dieticians, as well as free BMI and Blood Sugar tests. Apart from this, we also organized yoga events on International Yoga Day to motivate and educate the community on the importance of holistic wellbeing. We have also launched health awareness initiatives with Noida police where we provided them with essential Preserva Wellness products in gratis.

Awards and Recognition

Preserva Wellness prides itself on making a difference, be it to our customers, or our very own employees. We are honoured to be recognized for the work we do on behalf of our customers, employees, and communities. Here are some recent awards we’ve received.

  • Winner of Delhi Times’ SheUNLtd Entrepreneur Awards, 2020 (Fitness & Wellness Category)
  • IIMB Goldman Sachs 10K Women Program Business Growth Plan Presentation Winner, 2020

We have also been featured by reputed organisations like the Trade Promotions Council of India, The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Amazon Launchpad.

Branching Out

Apart from the online sales through our website or Amazon, our products have also found their ways on the shelves of over 30 retail shops across Delhi NCR. Preserva Wellness stands out from other brands as we are radically transparent about exactly what ingredients can be found in each of our product; “what you read on our label is what you will find in the bottle.”

Our Delivery

We aim to provide happiness and satisfaction with every purchase made. Our pan India reach helps us in connecting with health enthusiasts from various walks of life from all regions. Striving to provide safe and secure delivery to your doorstep is our mission since day 1. Our friendly customer support team are also here to assist and guide you through every step if ever in doubt.

Our Socials

Besides our very own website where you can get all the answers to your health questions, we are also available on our social media platforms. Follow our channels and don’t forget to tag us and give us a shout out if you love our products!


Our Vision

So where are we headed?

To be the gold standard in modern Ayurveda and the leader in Curcumin products by improving people’s health naturally. We believe in our motto of Pure is Potent®.

We aim to not only use the highest quality of ingredients, but we are also committed to educating our consumers on nutritional science and improving the quality of life. At Preserva Wellness, we aim to live a life of significance: thinking bigger, aiming higher and pushing harder to create lasting change in the world. We know true wellness means using the best ingredients, making products that make a difference in people's health and, wherever possible, making healthy stuff taste great.

And, at the end of the day, when you are connected to Preserva Wellness, you get to be part of something bigger!