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6 Best Teas for Weight Loss and to Increase Immunity

Tea is one of the most loved indulgences in our lives and is no longer considered just a beverage. With more scientific research, we have begun to discover more and more unique varieties of tea and their health benefits. Herbal teas have long been considered a source for good health throughout history and more and more people are beginning to notice that. Not only are they healthy and delightful, but herbal teas in general, are also packed with a wide range of nutritional benefits including immunity boosting and weight loss properties.

Tea for weight loss?

Weight loss is no longer confined to a regular visit to the gym. Numerous studies have shown that certain teas are just as effective when it comes to weight loss. People nowadays are becoming conscious when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This includes switching from soda to healthier drinks like herbal tea. However, with so many varieties and brands in the market, one is left with confusion over which tea is the best for weight loss that would suit their taste and needs.

From a more familiarised variety such as Green Tea, Mint, and Chamomile tea to a more unconventional one like Turmeric tea, Ginger Tea or Pepper and Cinnamon tea, these teas are packed with a wide range of health benefits that aids not only with weight loss and immunity but are also vital for a healthy lifestyle.

Here is a curated list of some of the herbal teas out there that promotes weight loss and strengthens the immune system to make your life easier.

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1. Cut down unwanted fats with Green Tea

 Once you learn about the health benefits of Green Tea, you will immediately switch from your normal tea to green tea! It is low in caffeine content and is the perfect tea for weight loss. The antioxidants, polyphenols, and bioactive compounds present in Green tea help in reducing cell degradation. Regular consumption of green tea also provides you with the much needed immune-boosting antioxidants your body needs. Green tea also contains a rich amount of antimicrobial qualities that help the body defend itself against infections and diseases. However, it is essential to consume green tea leaves that are still fresh to reap the most benefits.

2. Ginger Tea for weight loss

Ginger Tea for weight loss is the real deal! When mixed with lemon, ginger tea is the perfect concoction for weight loss. It improves the absorption of fat in the body and stops it from building up. Lemon also helps with improving the liver, thus enhancing digestion since it’s responsible for producing bile that helps break down fat. Not only does ginger tea aids in weight loss, but it is also a great immunity booster due to its rich vitamin C content which is a rich source of antioxidant. Ginger is also an effective tool for treating stomach ailments and natural medicine for sore throat.

3. Curcumin Tea to manage weight and boost immunity

Curcumin, a primary antioxidant in turmeric, has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine due to its anti-inflammatory property. Just as Ginger Tea aids with weight loss, Curcumin tea is an effective tool for controlling weight gain and also in treating metabolic disorders. With obesity on the rise, many companies and institutions are discovering more effective ways in combating this slow yet deadly disease. Weight Watchers Tea by Preserva Wellness is the ideal tea for controlling weight issues. Packed with 95% Curcumin and other health-enhancing natural ingredients such as Guarana, Cinnamon, Orange Pekoe Tea, Hibiscus, Black Pepper, Rosemary and Assam Green Tea, Weight Watchers Tea controls and manages weight by inhibiting appetite and reduce unnecessary food cravings. Due to its high antioxidant content, it also protects the body from free radicals by strengthening the immune system. Moreover, it contains the benefits of green tea and black tea along with curcumin making it a complete weight loss drink!

Curcumin Tea is also loaded with anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal properties apart from the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities. Thus, curcumin tea is your ideal tea to help boost immunity and eliminating obesity. 

4. Burn fat quicker with Oolong Tea

Also known as ‘black dragon tea’, Oolong tea is considered an ideal brew for managing weight issues due to a rich presence of catechins, a similar compound also found in Green Tea. Catechins help promotes the body’s ability to break down fat more efficiently and quickly increasing the energy levels of the body. According to the study done by the Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine on 102 obese individuals, it was concluded that 70% of the participants lost at least 1 kg while the remaining lost more than 2kgs after consuming the Oolong Tea for 6 weeks.

Therefore, Oolong tea is an effective tool for reducing fat content and promoting weight loss. Long-term consumption of this brew may also help in preventing obesity. It is also packed with EGCG (a potent phytonutrient that has antioxidant properties) which can help boost the metabolism and also in lower the lipid levels in the blood.
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5. Black Tea to block fat formation

Although made from the same plant, the leaves in Black Tea, unlike in Green tea are fermented. Black Tea is loaded with nutrients and is rich in polyphenols, an antioxidant compound which is linked with numerous health benefits including weight loss. The polyphenols in Black tea also help with the production of short-chain fatty acids of the gut and in blocking the absorption of fats in the intestine, boosting the metabolism. A study concluded that individuals who drink three cups of black tea daily for three months show less weight gain and a reduced waist circumference comparing to those who drink a caffeinated beverage without polyphenol content.

Furthermore, Black Tea contains zero calories which are essential for hydration, and in lowering blood sugar levels. However, consuming Black Tea with milk might inhibit the fat-blocking abilities of the polyphenols which are present in Black Tea.

6. Pu-erh Tea

A unique form of tea named after the town of Pu’er in the Yunnan province in China and is a native to that same region. Pu-erh Tea is a type of traditional fermented tea which belongs to the Chinese black tea family. It is a healthy beverage with a deliciously calming and rich earthy flavour usually taken after a meal. Besides its strong aroma, Pu-erh Tea is proven to be an effective tool for weight loss. It also has lipid-lowering properties by suppressing fatty acid synthesis which prevents from building up of fats and also prevents weight gain in people with metabolic syndrome. Pu-erh Tea also improves in managing the body’s cholesterol levels lowering the blood sugar and blood triglyceride levels, and small-density lipoproteins.

According to a 2016 research done on 59 people with obesity, daily consumption of Pu-erh Tea for four weeks resulted in a significant weight loss, reduced BMI and an improved lipid profile. Furthermore, low appetite and dramatic reduction of fats on the arms, legs and abdominals was witnessed among the subjects. For the better effect on health especially on weight loss, fresh and raw Pu-erh Tea is recommended, due to its strong aroma.

Things to keep in mind

Know that a healthy body can only come from a healthy lifestyle. And you can do that by starting with just a cup of healthy herbal tea coupled with a healthy diet and physical activities.  These teas are not only delicious and delightful but also low in calorie content which is perfect to boost you toward your ideal weight goal!

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