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6 Essential Skin & Hair Care Tips for Worry-free Holi Celebration

Holi is just around the corner and the fun-filled festivities can already be felt in the air. The annual festival of colours brings all that is fun and joyful, with people chanting “Holi Hai!” and playing with gulal and splashing water, coloured powder and balloons at each other enjoying the warmth of the ‘spring festival’. No matter how hard try to resist and escape, you somehow still end up with colours all over you. And that is what Holi is truly all about.

As much as it is fun and thrilling to immerse in the spirit of the festivity, colours used in Holi often contain chemicals that can be threatening to your skin and hair health, or even to your overall health. It is never a bad idea to gear up and take certain precautions before indulging in the fun to protect your hair and skin from damage and toxic chemical that may pose a threat to your health so that post-Holi skin and hair damage worries do not come into your way of joyful celebration.
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Here are some essential tips to protect and prevent you from any skin and hair damage this Holi.

       1.Oil hair

Your hair is more vulnerable to toxic colours when it is dry. Make sure you apply oil on your scalp and hair before engaging in the fun. The colours and chemicals can seep easily into your roots and stick to your scalp when it is dry, making it prone to damage. Applying oil such as coconut oil from root to tip of your hair before heading out to play Holi is an excellent protection for your hair against colours and long-term hair damage. 

From pre-Holi to post-Holi, our Tressgold Oil offers the perfect natural hair care solution to nourish hair from root to tip and prevent hair fall or hair damage. It contains a blend of 12 potent Ayurvedic ingredients essential for healthy hair growth and especially, perfect for preventing hair damage this Holi.

       2.Hydrate your Skin & Hair

Keeping your body hydrated all time is good for your health, and it is particularly the case when it comes to celebrating Holi. Holi colours can do a lot of damage to your hair and skin; causing breakouts, acne, skin irritation and rashes if not treated on time. Toxic colours can also be just as damaging to your hair as it is to your skin. It is important to keep your skin and hair Holi-ready without having to worry about the effect. A hydrated body helps keep the skin and hair fresh and healthy internally and help prevent your skin and hair from getting dry and become more vulnerable to harsh colours.

With the hydrating and moisturizing property of Aloe Vera, the healing power of Curcumin and the Nutritious boost of Himalayan Berry, Oxyrich Juice by Preserva presents the ideal solution for nourishing and boosting your skin health this Holi season.

       3.Tie your hair

As mentioned above, harmful colours can leave your hair dry and with split-ends at the end of a fun-filled Holi celebration. Apart from oiling your hair with essential oil, you can lower the risk of hair damage by tying your hair into a knot or ponytail before starting to play Holi. You can also protect your hair from retaining colours by wearing a cap or covering it with a scarf.

        4.Apply Sunscreen

Continuous exposure to the sun during Holi celebration is a common scenario. Although the outdoor fun might look exciting, exposure to the sun can have a damaging effect on the skin. Skin pigmentation, sunburn, tanning and more can occur due to continuous exposure to the sun. Ensure that your skin is protected by applying sunscreen that best suit your skin type before heading out to play. Using a sunscreen that is of SPF 20 or above is best recommended for best protection against sun damage.

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         5.Deep Shampoo & Conditioner for Post-Holi

Cleaning up after Holi can be a task in itself especially when it comes to removing all the colours from your scalp and hair. Make sure you do not scrape your scalp to remove the colours off of your head. Instead, use plenty of water to wash away the dry colours and apply shampoo and let it sit in for a minute or two. Massaging the scalp gently while shampooing can also help get rid of the colours and dirt more efficiently. After shampoo, deep conditioning your hair followed by a cold water rinse can help provide nourishment and hydration to your hair and scalp and give you silky, non-frizzy hair.

          6.Most importantly, go for organic colours

Organic colours, unlike synthetic, chemical-filled colours are harmless and are gentle to the skin and hair. Using turmeric or chandan as colours can be a great alternative and a much healthier option. Opting for an organic and natural substitute not only will make keep skin dryness and irritations away but also keep the joy of Holi intact without having to worry about health consequences. 

 Final Thoughts

Why let the worries of getting breakouts or hair damage come in your way of celebrating Holi to the fullest? Protect your skin and nourish your hair with the above tips so that you can enjoy all the fun you want this coming Holi.

We wish you a happy and safe Holi in advance!

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