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7 Health Benefits Of Mulberries

Mulberries, otherwise known as shahtoot in India, are sweet, juicy and delicious fruits that are obtained from the silkworm tree ‚Äďwhere its leaves are the only known food source of silkworms! Sweet in flavour, mulberries have quite a similar taste to that of grapes and a close structure to that of blackberries or loganberries. Interestingly, mulberries are not single berries but rather concentrated fruits where each fruit contains a cluster of tiny mulberries arranged concentrically around a central axis. Despite there being more than hundreds of species, the most common types of mulberries are red mulberry (Morusrubra), black mulberry (Morusnigra) and white mulberry (Morus Alba).

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Mulberries can be eaten raw and are also ideal for jams, jellies, sherbets, pies, wines, fruit tarts, and even teas. Many have enjoyed this juicy fruit but its remarkable benefits to health have been a thing that often gets overlooked.They are filled with vitamins and essential nutrients. In fact, as per a study published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), mulberry ‚Äúshowed a considerable high nutritional value and antioxidant activity‚ÄĚ which could be developed for functional food that benefits human health. Read on to find out all the nutritional goodness and benefits this delightful fruit has to offer.

Nutritional Value of Mulberry

 From lowering blood sugar levels to improving digestion to keeping cancer at bay, mulberries are a true superfruit that deserves so much more credit. You would be surprised to know that mulberries carry a truly impressive and unusual composition of nutrients for a berry. Just one cup of mulberries contains 60 calories, making it the perfect snacking item to boost energy without adding on the calories! Most importantly, Mulberries are especially rich in health-enhancing phytonutrient compounds which include polyphenol pigment antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, lipids, protein, dietary fibre, high water content etc. They are also a rich source of Vitamin C and K along with traces of vitamins A,E and Riboflavin aka Vitamin B-2,which is essential for protecting the tissues from free radicals and helps in transferring oxygen throughout the body. They also contain an excellent amount of iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, sodium, manganese, magnesium and phosphorus. On top of these, they also contain high amounts of anthocyanins, as well as a healthy amount of resveratrol and zeaxanthin.

With so many nutrients, Mulberries are quite literally the all-rounders in the fruit kingdom. Let’s check out some of its benefits.

Health Benefits of Mulberries

       1. Improves Digestive Health

Mulberries are a great source of dietary fibre which is essential for facilitating proper digestion. It helps bulk up the stool in the body and helps speed up the movement of food through the digestive tract. Consumption of mulberries can be beneficial in managing stomach issues like bloating, constipation or stomach cramps.

        2. Improves Blood Circulation

The rich iron and antioxidants content in mulberries can significantly help in boosting red blood cells production in the body. They also help in improving the functioning of the blood vessels by dilating them, thereby promoting uniform blood circulation in the body and ensuring blood pressure control. Moreover, the polyphenols present in Mulberries helps in keeping the blood vessels healthy while the presence of potassium ensures stable blood pressure. 

        3. Controls Blood Sugar Levels

 Mulberries are known to contain essential compounds that support stable blood sugar levels. White mulberries in particular are exceptionally ideal for lowering high sugar levels in people dealing with type 2 diabetes.

        4. Builds Bone Tissue

Mulberries are a great source of iron, calcium, and vitamin K, which are essential nutrients for building strong bone tissue and bones. They help speed up the healing process, reverse the signs of bone degradation and lower the chances of bone disorders such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

        5. Improves Vision

Mulberries contain a good amount of vitamin A which helps in enhancing vision, relieving eye strain, and improving overall eye health. They also contain zeaxanthin, which is a compound beneficial in reducing oxidative stress in cells that form in our eyes. Moreover, it also helps protect the retina from harmful ultraviolet rays and also protects the eyes from eye diseases like cataracts and macular degeneration.

       6. Reduces Cancer Risk

The anthocyanins and resveratrol compounds present in Mulberries make it an excellent fruit to keep cancer cells at bay! These compounds are known to possess anti-cancer properties and are beneficial in preventing the growth of cancerous cells at the initial stage, especially with colon cancer, skin cancer, thyroid, prostate, etc.

        7. Improves Immunity

Did you know that mulberries contain alkaloids that signal the immune system when any hostile element tries to attack you? This makes mulberries a great fruit for keeping the immune system in check! On top of this, mulberries also contain plenty amount vitamin C, which is known for strengthening the immune system. This is also the reason why mulberries are an excellent remedy to treat cold and flu. Its rich anti-inflammatory and astringent properties also help in fighting foreign pathogens and help speed up recovery!

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A single serving of mulberries can fulfil almost the entire requirement of vitamin C for the day! Get your daily dose of vitamin C and power up your immune system against any illness or foreign pathogens with Immunoblast Juice from Preserva Wellness. This immune-boosting drink combines all the benefits of Mulberry and the minerals and vitamins from healthy ingredients like Apple, Curcumin & Aloe Vera to build up your immunity, making it a true weapon against illness! You can add this juice to your smoothies and healthy drinks to double up your immunity levels!

The Bottom Line

Mulberries’ juiciness and deliciousness are known by many but what most people often overlooked is the amazing health benefits they possess! From lowering Blood Sugar Levels to improving Blood Circulation to reducing the risks of Cancer, Mulberries are no doubt the superfruit that have it all! It is also because of their excellent Immune boosting power that makes this fruit a true star in the fruit kingdom. So if ever you wanted to build up your immunity or improve your overall health, let Mulberries be your solution!

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