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A big ‘Thank you’ for being with us

‘Sales go up and down, services stay forever.’ Focusing on delivering what is the best and what is more than expected, we have made it to the end of 2019 and plan to take the good work further up the next year.

Growing from a small idea to a brand and then spreading its wings over the world, Preserva Wellness has grown to be the most loved brand of curcumin-enriched Ayurvedic herbal products among consumers. Each of our team members is a representative of our ideals and contributes immensely to taking ayurveda forward through our unique modern ayurvedic formulations.

We have gained popularity in the camps that we put up at various places. The customers know our team personally at each place we go and we have forged deep and meaningful connections with some of them. They love the taste and they love the results they get. It would not be an over-exaggeration to state that the follow-up work of the team is not complicated as the customers themselves are waiting to give repeated orders.Hands over hands of different people

We have ended the year with expanding our offline NCR network to North Delhi as well. We have also tied up with resort and hotel chains to make Preserva Wellness products available to you in other parts of India like Virajpet, Madikeri, Rajasthan, Corbett, Pondicherry, multiple locations in Himachal Pradesh and Goa to make your travel plans healthier. We have increased our delivery network as well and are proud to say that we deliver cash-on-delivery to 30,000 pin codes in India and pre-paid orders to every part of the country.

Our online network has also made strides with our fast growing Instagram presence and crossing 50k followers on Facebook! We have had over 3.5 lakh visitors to our online stores resulting in a surge in our online presence. The most exciting part? We have been selected by Amazon as one of the best upcoming brands on their platform and have partnered with them for Amazon Launchpad which supports home grown brands!

Each one of us is fighting for women’s welfare. Preserva Wellness is headed by women and a large part of our team is formed by confident and self-dependent women. They are the driving spirit of Preserva Wellness. Not to forget the team of men that are responsible for designing, marketing and sales of the products. The team stands like a closed fist supporting each other and further strengthening the roots of the company.People from different cultures and race

And who is responsible for the love the company is getting and the pace it is growing at? It is you, our dear and loyal customers. The team of Preserva Wellness expresses its gratitude for standing by us for so long. Thank you for offering us your valuable feedback due to which we could improve our services. Thank you for helping us in overcoming the hurdles in reaching you. Thank you for being such awesome customers!  This is just the beginning.  Keep giving us more of your suggestions and feedbacks so that we can improve further. A good company is nothing without its customers. We have always an increased level of motivation each day to improve your physical and mental well-being.

You asked and we heard! We have a new product launch in January. Our new ThyroPro juice has been curated on popular demand! We got hundreds of inquiries during the year for a curcumin based thyroid product and it’s right around the corner! Not only that, we will soon be launching a completely new range of food products that you can add to your meal each day and reap the benefits of nature. Stay tuned and watch this space for more teasers and product launches in 2020.

All we want is to promote healthy living through curcumin-enriched natural supplements using local ingredients and ancient knowledge. As nature has designed the human body, the best way to deal with health problems is through natural ingredients. As we usher in the New Year with great celebrations and expectations, we take this moment to express our heartfelt gratitude to you and we wish you the healthiest of years. With beaming eyes, we look forward to strengthening our relationship with you. We face health problems, we find solutions and that’s how we grow!

Cheers to new and healthy beginnings!

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