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Amazing Medicinal Benefits of Amla Juice You Must Know About

Different names, facts & origin of Amla  

Amla, Amalaki or Indian Gooseberry is a highly nutritious fruit with potent medicinal benefits and is known for its innumerable healing properties. The word Amla is derived from Amalaki in Sanskrit and Ayurveda and has various meanings like mother, nurse, immortality and sour.

  • The small green, pulpy, juicy fruit known as usirikaya in Telugu, Nellika in Tamil, goes with the botanical names Emblica Officinalis or Phyllanthus Emblica.
  • It is also considered to be a ‚Äėdivyaushadhi‚Äô or divine medicine in Ayurveda since it contains all the 5 tastes. According to Ayurveda, amla fruit is sour (amla) and astringent (kashaya) in taste (rasa), with sweet (madhura), bitter (tikta) and pungent (katu) secondary tastes (anurasas).
  • Gooseberry or Amla bushes go up to 5 feet high with sharp spines, bell shaped flowers and fruits that develop into berries with a slightly metallic, sour taste known for its cooling property. The fruit is round, hard and is yellow or green depending upon the variety and ripeness. It has 6 vertical strips or furrows and on pickling on cooking the fruit, each strip can be eaten as a segment.
  • Amla is a powerhouse of antioxidants and Ayurveda endorses the consumption of this fruit to prevent the formation of cancer cells. It can be consumed raw, in the form of juice, churna, candy, pickles or supplements. The best way to consume it is raw and as juice since it retains all its nutrients. It is commonly used in many culinary preparations and traditionally part of the ayurvedic immunity boosting concoction called chyawanprash.
  • The most commonly consumed part of the Amla plant is the fruit but each of its parts has medicinal properties. Amla contains a high concentration of Vitamin C along with other active ingredients like Vitamin B, Fibre, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Carotene, Gallic acid and Ellagic acid.

Organic Amla fruits in a wooden bowl with amla leaves

Preserva Wellness uses Amla in a wide range of products starting from our supplements for hair to our juices for Digestion, Weight Loss, Vision and Diabetes since it has multiple benefits for different body systems. Let’s look at the benefits of Amla juice:

1. Amla juice benefits for Eyes: Regular consumption of Amla keeps eye problems away such as:

  • Watering eyes, short-sightedness, cataract and other eye infections because of the presence of Vitamins A and C in it.
  • Drinking amla juice everyday can also reduce intraocular tension which is the pressure we sometimes feel in our eyes!
  • It also helps in improving our vision and is a great supplement for kids who get glasses early in life.¬†Preserva Wellness Visiongold¬†combines Aloe Vera, Triphala, Curcumin and Carrots and protects the eyes.

2. Amla juice benefits for Weight Loss: The least talked-about benefit of amla juice is that it can help in burning fat! It helps to reduce weight as

  • The protein present in amla helps prevent food and sugar cravings and Vitamin C in Amla helps in boosting metabolism.
  • It also contains fibre and tannins which reduce bloating and improve digestion thereby making you lose weight faster.¬†Nutrixgold Juice by Preserva Wellness¬†has all the benefits of Amla Juice with lemon, Aloe Vera and Curcumin. These do not let waste products accumulate in your digestive tract. The fibre content of the juice helps in reducing constipation, water retention and bloating and thereby facilitates weight loss.

3. Amla juice benefits in Diabetes and Blood Sugar:  Amla helps in Diabetes and reducing high blood sugar in the following ways:

  • It regulates the function of the pancreas which are responsible for secretion of insulin.
  • It also manages and regulates blood sugar levels. The Vitamin C content of Amla reduces oxidative damage in the body and the fibre ensures that sugar from food is released slowly into the body.
  • It contains chromium which is responsible for carbohydrate metabolism in the body and makes the body more sensitive to insulin. That is why Amla Juice is an essential part of¬†Preserva Wellness Diabewell Juice. It helps you to reduce sugar cravings and manage blood sugar fluctuations effectively.

4. Amla juice benefits for Digestion: Amla juice is a natural detoxifier which means it helps to relieve constipation and ensure regular bowel movement. It is used as a treatment for chronic constipation and even piles. It helps in reducing acidity and the burning sensation in the stomach and chest. It’s so powerful for digestion that it can even be used to treat stomach ulcers. You can feel the benefits of amla juice on your stomach and gut with Diagemax Juice by Preserva Wellness. When combined with guava, aloe vera and curcumin, it becomes a boon for people with poor digestion.

5. Amla juice Benefits for Bones: Gooseberry keeps the bones strong and healthy. Its anti-inflammatory property reduces swelling and pain in the joints. It’s also rich in calcium and helps in the absorption of calcium in the body. Amla Juice has the benefit of slowing down the process of brittle bones.

Organic amla fruits tossed over a jute bag from a wooden bowl next to amla juice in a glass

6. Amla juice benefits for Energy: Being a rich source of antioxidants, amla juice increases cell regeneration. It cleanses the body, reduces fatigue and leaves you feeling fresh and energetic.

7. Amla juice benefits for Skin: Amla is a valuable source of antioxidants that serve as an anti-ageing ingredient to reduce wrinkles, dark spots, prevent fine lines and pigmentation. It restores the natural tone and glow of skin and keeps it youthful since it also boosts collagen. It is a potent blood purifier and increases haemoglobin and RBC count in the body which gives your skin a healthy glow. Amla juice if taken on a regular basis will surely give radiant looking skin and will cleanse and detoxify the body.

8. Amla juice benefits for Hair: Gooseberry or Amla prevents dandruff, works as a hair conditioner, prevents hair fall and adds volume to hair. Drinking or eating an amla supplement everyday provides shine and strengthens and increases thickness of the hair. It also improves pigmentation and restores natural hair colour. Moreover, amla reduces grey hair and that is why it is an important part of or Tressgro Tablets and oil! Amla Juice or dried amla can also act as a natural hair cleanser!

These are just some of the benefits of this versatile berry!

It is one of the most inexpensive superfoods native to India and an important medicine in Ayurveda! Include this superfood in your diet everyday with one of Preserva Wellness juices and see how it transforms your health!

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