Immunoblast capsules with curcumin in a white bowl and golden spoon

Ayurvedic Treatment For Colon Cancer

The pragmatic approach to lower the morbidity and mortality of cancer is to inhibit the development of carcinogenesis by the use of chemo preventive agents. Cancer is the proliferation of cells cause devastation of body. Assorted types of cancer has been reported in which Colon Cancer is the third leading cause of cancer death in United states and ranked a second position in types of cancer as colorectal cancer. The prevalence of colon cancer worldwide diversifies but the paramount occurrence in areas such as North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The lowest case seen in India and lesser developed areas such as South America and South Africa due to intake of vegetarian diets predominantly and sedentary lifestyle. But now these countries are also becoming prone to colorectal cancer.

Pandemic studies revealed that economic improvement and dietary lifestyle are the risk factors of colon cancer and causative agents of incidence of colorectal cancer
It acts as antiseptic and fights against bacterial infections, provides immunity against pathogenic microbes. This is regarded as antisceptic due to its ability to combat with other harmful microbesVector of organ fighting viruses and infections with a shield

  • Health Benefits: Prevent cancer cells, Inhibits symptoms of colon cancer, Strengthens immune system, Blood purifier
  • Main Ingredients: Pure turmeric powder & Turmeric root extract
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