Blue Pea Flower Tea in a white cup with Shankhpushi flower around it

Blue Pea Tea For Ageless Skin And Healthy Hair

What is Blue Pea Tea?

 Scientifically known as Clitoria ternatea, blue pea or butterfly pea flower is a plant species native to South East Asia, particularly Thailand, where it has been used in traditional medicinal treatments for ages. A concoction made from fresh or dried petals of the flower that offers a beautiful bluish colour, with a unique earthy flavour is a popular health drink among the natives and has been touted for all kinds of health benefits, such as boosting brainpower, enhancing mood, relieving stress, reducing body weight and of course, improving skin and hair health.

Two cups of Blue Pea Flower Tea with Shankhpushpi and lemon

It is only recently that the goodness and health benefits of Blue Pea tea have caught the attention of tea lovers and health enthusiasts all over the world, mostly because of its uniquely mesmerizing colour and of course, the scientifically proven health benefits it possesses. The exotic Blue Pea tea is especially rich in antioxidants, which makes it an excellent health drink for maintaining healthy, glowing skin and strong, healthy hair, as well as improving overall health. And on top of this, what really amazes people concerning Blue Pea Tea is its colour changing ability. Blue pea Tea is very PH sensitive, meaning the blue colour changes to deep purple or reddish hue when drops of lemon are squeezed into it. This also makes Blue Pea tea a perfect entertaining party drink!

The Skin Benefits of Blue Pea Tea

As mentioned, Blue Pea Tea is particularly rich in antioxidants, such as naturally occurring polyphenols (Proanthocyanidin or condensed Tannis) and Flavonoids, all of which are essential for supporting healthy, glowing skin. They are especially helpful when it comes to reducing inflammation, redness, as well as stress, thereby perfect against skin ageing. In addition to this, the Blue Pea flower also contains Proanthocyanidin, which is also a potent antioxidant that helps stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin.

On top of this, studies have also shown that the blue pea flower contains anti-glycation properties, which is essential for slowing down the skin ageing process. The chemical reaction in our body that is mostly a result of excess sugar consumption, pollution, UV radiation or oxidative stress is known as glycation. These excess unwanted molecules, such as sugar, attach themselves to other molecules such as Elastin and Collagen, which in turn leads to uneven skin tone, deterioration of skin elasticity or even ageing. Hence, the blue pea flower’s anti-glycation properties are of great advantage for managing anti-ageing, good skin health.

Apart from these, recent studies have also demonstrated that blue pea flower fermented with lactic acid offers certain elements with anti-inflammatory and free-radical scavenging ability. This has been shown to help against redness, allergies and irritation to the skin. Hence, another more reason to be in awe of this mesmerising exotic flower, especially for skin health.

The Hair Benefits of Blue Pea Tea 

As mentioned, the blue pea flower is a great source of powerful antioxidants, such as anthocyanin, which is potent antioxidants that help boost and restore collagen level –perfect for improving the scalp, preventing damage in hair follicles and promoting strong, healthy hair growth. The anti-ageing properties found in the blue pea flower also plays a major role in preventing premature greying of hair. That said, Blue Pea Tea has long been used and recommended in its native regions to help retain the natural, blackness of hair for a longer period.

Shiny, strong and long hair of a woman

In addition to this, another great thing about blue pea tea is its ability to reduce or prevent hair loss. This is because blue pea tea is particularly rich in antioxidants, which are a potent ally against hair loss. Not only that, consuming blue pea tea regularly may also help reduce stress and anxiety, which are common factors for hair loss. Apart from antioxidants, the blue pea flower also contains essential minerals that help in strengthening hair follicles, which is a crucial part of reducing or reducing hair loss.

In addition to these, the blue pea flower also possesses not just antioxidants but potent anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties as well. Studies have shown that this may be beneficial in maintaining a healthy scalp by fighting inflammation or infection-causing microbes such as yeast, fungus and bacteria that could lead to several scalp and hair problems.

Where to get Blue Pea Tea?

One can easily find all kinds of Blue Pea Tea blends online nowadays. The mesmerizing blue colour, the colour changing ability and the wonderful range of health benefits are what made the exotic Blue Pea Tea an incredibly popular health drink, not just among tea lovers but even among common folks all over the world. 

That said, Preserva Wellness’ very own unique blend of Blue Pea Flower Tea is unlike any other blend out there. With a rich mixture of soothing ingredients like Blue pea flower, Lavender, Chamomile and Mint, the tea offers calming flavour and soothing aroma while retaining all of the health benefits from each of the ingredients, especially the Blue pea flower. The tea is rich in antioxidants and is an ideal health drink that not only supports and promotes glowing skin and healthy, luscious locks but also supports healthy weight loss, promotes mental clarity and is helpful against stress and anxiety. It is a 100% vegetarian blend with no chemicals and no GMOs. It is also gluten-free, sugar-free and caffeine-free, perfect for good health. Soothe yourself with a healthy cup of Preserva Blue Pea Flower Tea today!

Fun Fact: Squeeze in a few drops of lemon into your Blue Pea Tea and witness the colour changing from a vibrant blue to a reddish-purple or pinkish hue!

The Bottom Line

The blue pea flower has long been used in traditional medicines and beverages, especially in South-East Asian regions, where it is touted for possessing a wide range of benefits. This exotic drink has now become a worldwide phenomenon –thanks to its breathtaking bluish hue and its ability to change colour.  But besides this, Blue Pea Tea is also endowed with incredible health benefits, including anti-ageing properties, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, which are quite beneficial when it comes to improving and maintaining healthy, glowing skin and strong, luscious hair! And not only that, but it is also naturally stress-relieving and perfect for boosting memory and relaxing the mind!

Disclaimer- This article is intended for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always consult with your healthcare provider in case of any health complications

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