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Can Kidneys Be Affected By Coronavirus

We know coronavirus can cause a sore throat. We also know it can cause dry cough. Coronavirus also causes fever and breathing problems. Corona virus can lead to pneumonia. We’ve heard all of that. Coronavirus can also cause damage to kidneys. Can it really? Yes!

COVID 19 can specially prove dangerous if someone has an existing chronic kidney disease. The disease due to COVID 19 presents with greater uncertainty and challenges. Most texts available have informed you about its origins in China, the modes of its spread and the way it has led to a panic in the whole world. The effects of the virus are unfolding layer by layer each day. Initially, all the respiratory symptoms were making news but as the disease progressed to affect a large number of people, its effects on other organs of the body were also identified. As the whole world is working together to fight this pandemic, public health workers around the world are sharing their experiences to make people more aware and motivate them to take stern precautionary measures.  Since COVID 19 can affect the blood supply inside the body, it can deteriorate existing kidney disease and also initiate disease in tubules of kidneys if appropriate care and precautionary measures are not followed.

Here is a list of some additional precautionary measures if you are a kidney patient:

  • Take permission to wait in your car:
    Ask the healthcare staff if you can wait in your car instead of waiting in the waiting room for your turn. This can eliminate or limit your exposure to disease causing pathogens including coronavirus. It is a saviour for you as well as the other patients in the hospital.Vector of kidney health being covered by hands
  • Do not ignore flu-like symptoms at all:
    Stay informed about the symptoms of corona virus disease such as sore throat, fever and dry cough and ask your doctor about the measures you would be required to take if these symptoms develop in your body. If you are experiencing any of the specified symptoms or any uneasiness in your body, immediately consult your health care provider.
  • Wear a mask!
    Being a kidney patient and having low immunity at the same time can increase your risk of COVID 19 infection. Avoid stepping out of your home completely but if you have to, either wear a mask or cover your face with handkerchief or use a face shield and ensure you maintain 6 feet distance from others.
  • Consume curcumin based products!
    Curcumin can spice up your immune system. Anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin can help you fight any invading pathogen. By boosting your immune system especially when you need it the most, such as in kidney patients, curcumin brings down the risk of catching coronavirus and other infections to keep you healthy. Try to have a healthy Kidney supplement like Nephrogold Tablets!
  • Impose self-isolation till the situation lasts!
    If you are a kidney patient, especially above 60 years of age, impose self-isolation till the time COVID 19 is excessively active. Any other infection would only hamper the quality of life you lead and can even prove fatal. Do not meet any other people.
    Elderly people shall either allow the house staff to stay in their homes and continue working or give the house staff leaves for few days so that any risk of getting the virus inside house through human sources can be avoided.
  • Dialysis patients should keep their doctors updated!
    Consult your doctor from time to time through phone or when you visit him for your dialysis. Keep your health care professional updated about your current situation and if you are experiencing any additional symptoms. Do ask your doctor how, when and where you will receive dialysis if you get sick.Vector of healthy kidneys
  • Have Digital consultations as far as possible!
    For your routine check-ups, opt for consultations on phone and email until and unless a physical visit cannot be avoided. Routine blood tests can be avoided or can be done as advised by your doctor.
  • Go for cashless transactions!
    Especially if you are a kidney patient or if you are suffering from a chronic disease, avoid transactions in cash as far as possible. Cash can act as carrier of coronavirus and can infect the people handling it. Purchase your health products necessary to boost your immune system by prepaid means.
  • Kidney patients with diabetes can check sugar level at home!
    Keeping your diabetes under control can help in keeping you away from infections and deterioration of existing diseases. Till the time situation comes under control, home testing to monitor glucose level for diabetic patients is a must. Do not forget to wash your hands diligently before and after testing your blood glucose on a Blood Glucose Monitoring System at home.

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