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Curcumin: An Excellent Natural Immunity Booster

Our immune system is our body’s natural defence against disease-causing bacteria and virus. That is why it is important more than ever to have a strong immune system, considering the situation we are in currently. We are much more vulnerable to sickness when we have weak immunity. With summer approaching, our immune systems are getting compromised slightly due to the change in weather. Therefore, boosting one’s immune system should be everyone’s priority since a strong immune system can considerably reduce the odds of getting sick.

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Fortunately, bolstering one‚Äôs immunity may be simpler than you might think. The golden yellow spice in your kitchen cabinet could be the answer to your immunity woes. Besides adding vibrant colour to your food, Turmeric or Curcuma longa has been a well-known health enhancer for centuries, especially in traditional medicinal practice such as Ayurveda. It is not until recently that the West has started realizing the benefits of this amazing plant and thus, gaining the term ‚Äėsuperfood‚Äô. Turmeric‚Äôs incredible healing benefits can be credited to the presence of Curcumin, a bioactive compound in turmeric. Additionally, Curcumin is the one responsible for giving turmeric its yellow colour and without curcumin in it, turmeric would have been a plain and simple tuberous plant with less to no health benefits to it.

Since ancient times in India, turmeric mixed with milk has been used to combat flu or cold. This is still very much applicable even today as the curcumin in turmeric is a great source of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-bacterial which are essential for boosting immunity and enhancing health. Hence, this article aims to highlight some of the ways curcumin helps in boosting immunity.

Here are some of the ways Curcumin may help promote optimal immune balance:

       1. Fights Inflammation

Curcumin’s potent anti-inflammatory properties are known to effectively suppress various types of inflammatory molecules that are responsible for the causes of the damage by viruses. In this way, curcumin reduces any symptoms and provides relief.

       2. Controls Viral Replication

Studies have shown that curcumin can help reduce the viral load in the system. Curcumin’s potent anti-viral properties are known to reduce, or even stop in some cases, the replication of the disease-causing virus and other microbes which may have an incubation period ranging from 1 or 2 days to even years and thus, prevent an individual from a great deal of damage.

       3. Balances Hypersensitive Reaction

Curcumin’s immune system modulation properties are known to alter a certain immune response to avoid hypersensitivity reaction. In fact, bronchial problems result from the hypersensitive reaction of the immune system and Curcumin helps balance these reactions and thus, proves to be a fast and effective relief.

       4. Reduces Cold and Cough

It is quite common to be down with the flu as the season changes; from cold to warm or vice versa. Summer is approaching and we find ourselves more susceptible to be down with the flu. Curcumin’s rich anti-inflammatory are known to help fight viral infection and relieve the direct impact of cold and flu. This way, it can also help cleanse the respiratory tract in our body naturally.

      5. Improves Respiratory Problems

Curcumin’s immune-boosting qualities are especially helpful in improving respiratory problems. People especially with bronchial asthma, sinusitis, etc often face problems due to low immunity. Curcumin can help aid with these problems by strengthening up the immune system naturally. Additionally, respiratory issues due to inflammation in the airway such as shortness of breath, occasional cough, etc are often related to an exaggerated response by the immune systems that leads to chronic inflammation and damage to lung tissue by free radicals. Curcumin help relieve the inflammation, thereby reducing the pain and congestion and improve the breathing issue.

With that being said, Boosting one’s immunity is not an easy task. Especially in a day and age where everyone’s priority is to boost their immune system so as to avoid getting sick. Our daily diet may help but that too can be a hit and miss situation sometimes. Fortunately, supplements are an easy alternative solution to this. However, always make sure that the supplements you take are of high-quality natural products to ensure healthy result with no side effects.

Immune Boosting Tea

Herbal teas are one of the best ways to enjoy and reap the benefits of nature’s healing power, especially when it's about boosting the immune system. Preserva’s Immune Boosting Tea offers a healthy yet delightful blend of immunity-boosting curcumin tea that features a wide range of potent Ayurvedic herbs and spices such as 95% Curcumin, Moringa Leaves, Tulsi, Ashwagandha, Black Pepper, Hibiscus, Lemongrass and Rose Petals.

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It is one of the world’s first herbal curcumin teas that boosts the immune system so that it can defend the body against disease-causing microbes and infections.

Immunoblast Capsules

Our unique Immunoblast Capsules are natural, pure and potent Curcumin capsules that work to strengthen the body’s immune system and contain the optimum amount of Curcumin that the body requires on a daily basis. The capsules are an anti-inflammatory, anti-cancerous, anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent which bolster the immunity of the body.

Immunoblast Juice

Preserva Wellness brings to you a healthy and nutritious blend of delicious juice to help boost your immune system to the max. Our healthy Immunoblast Juice is made using pure 95% Curcumin from turmeric, Apple and Mulberry combined with Aloe Vera pulp. Besides boosting Immunity, this nutritious blend also improves skin and digestive health, maintains the ph balance of the body, provides hydration, assists in liver function and boosts overall health. The juice suitable and beneficial for all ages and is highly recommended for children as it helps to build a stronger immunity and supports their healthy growth and prevents stomach bugs.

In conclusion, Curcumin or turmeric, in general, is indeed incredible when it comes to health benefits. But that does not mean it can simply cure you of chronic diseases. Plants like turmeric or any other medicinal herbs and spices are there to support and promote a healthier life through their healing properties. With that being said, this content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Consumption of turmeric or curcumin based products are safe in general but it is best to avoid consuming large amount of it as it may result to certain side effects. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers before taking curcumin. 

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