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Curcumin And Its Lung Health Benefits

Native to the Indian subcontinent, the golden spice, turmeric is primarily grown for its rhizomes or roots, and has been utilised as a culinary spice (especially in India and parts of Asia) since ancient times. As with many spices, turmeric or Curcuma longa has a long history of use in traditional medicine, especially in Ayurvedic medicine. This bright golden spice has in recent years gained quite a reputation and has been embraced globally, not just for its ability to satisfy our appetite for curry, but for its incredible and impressive health benefits.

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Most of turmeric’s impressive list of health benefits, however, is credited to Curcumin, one of the many bioactive compounds present in turmeric.  Simply put, Curcumin is the main active ingredient responsible for most of turmeric’s potential health benefits and the one that gives turmeric its characteristic yellow colour. Curcumin is a natural antioxidant with potent anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-cancer properties and has been beneficial in treating different kinds of conditions, including heart disease, arthritis, eye health, skin health, depression, Alzheimer’s disease and even cancer.

Over the years, there has been increasing evidence that curcumin’s therapeutic properties may have potential protective effects on respiratory health as well. So let us dive into it and explore how curcumin can help improve respiratory health.

           1. Repairs and Protects Lung Injury

Several studies have concluded the positive effects of curcumin on respiratory conditions such as lung fibrosis. The studies demonstrated how curcumin repairs fibrosis and lung injury caused by radiation, toxicants, and chemotherapeutic drugs. It also shows how curcumin can play a protective role in chronic obstructive lung disease, acute lung injury, respiratory distress syndrome, and allergic asthma, by acting as a natural remedy against inflammation and oxidative stress.

           2. Stabilizes Respiratory Ailments

Turmeric is known to stabilize certain respiratory ailments. This is due to the fact that turmeric's potent bioactive compounds such as Curcumin. It’s rich antioxidant and anti-microbial properties are known to help relieve congestion and sinus issue in the lungs. It also helps fight the respiratory issues caused due to pollution.

            3. Relieves Asthma Symptoms

Curcumin or turmeric, in general, is known to be an excellent natural remedy for people dealing with asthma. The anti-inflammatory property of Curcumin helps relieve inflammation in the airways and reduce tightness of the chest- which are linked with asthma.  Besides asthma, Curcumin’s potent properties are also beneficial in improving the functioning of the lungs and aids in conditions such as chronic pulmonary disease, acute lung injury.

            4. Reduces Inflammation in the Lungs

Another benefit that curcumin from turmeric has to offer is its potent antioxidants. Oxidants, or otherwise known as free radicals, are molecules that can cause damage to cells in our body. Curcumin is a known natural antioxidant and thus, proves to be an excellent protector against these damage-causing free radicals. In fact, curcumin is proven to be incredibly beneficial when it comes to fighting free radicals as it helps neutralize free radicals such as hydroxyl, superoxide and hydrogen peroxide. Neutralizing these free radicals, in turn, can help reduce lung inflammation.

              5. Aids Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

COPD is a chronic inflammatory lung disease that causes obstructed airflow from the lungs. One of the most common COPD symptoms is the excessive production of mucus, which often builds up in the airways making breathing difficult. Studies have shown how Curcumin can help break down the build-up mucuses by acting as an ‚Äėexpectorant‚Äô, a medicine that promotes the secretion of sputum by the air passages. This breaking down of mucus and removal of mucus may also help relieve coughing and improve breathing ability. Thus, curcumin proves to be an excellent natural remedy for COPD conditions.

With that being said, it is important to know that the curcumin content in turmeric is relatively low (up to 3-5% only). Therefore, the turmeric in your diet alone cannot possibly give you all the benefits you are hoping to get. Fortunately, there are lots of Curcumin supplements available online and on the market now, but always make sure that the Supplements you take contains 90 to 95% pure curcumin concentration so that you can reap all the incredible benefits Curcumin has to offer.

To make things easier, here are some Curcumin-enriched supplements you should consider for healthy lungs:

  • Daily Boost Tea

Our Daily Boost Tea contains a wide variety of potent ingredients that are touted for their incredible respiratory health benefits, such as 95% Curcumin,  Ginger, Black Pepper,  Assam Green Tea, Liquorice, Cinnamon, Cloves, Cardamom, Long Pepper and Nutmeg.

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The refreshing tea is uniquely crafted to benefit all kinds of respiratory issues, protect you from the ill effects of air pollution and more. Apart from this, the tea also gives you the energy and stamina boost you need to be alert and active throughout the day!

  • Daily Strength Juice

Preserva’s Daily Strength Juice contains a unique and healthy blend of pure and potent 95% Curcumin from Turmeric along with Tulsi and  Aloe Vera pulp. The unique formulation of the juice provides instant relief from sore throat, fever, persistent cough, cold and flu. It also builds immunity against respiratory infections, improves the functionality of the lungs and respiratory health and provides relief to individuals with asthma, bronchitis or any other pulmonary disorder. Furthermore, it also prevents the bad effects of smoking on the respiratory system.


Our Lungs are incredibly important to us as they help us breathe. And we are alive as long as we are breathing. Therefore, it is important to take all the care needed for our lungs to be healthy to support us in our daily lives. Besides adopting healthy lifestyle choices, natural remedies are your best solution when it comes to promoting healthy sustainable life, and Curcumin is your answer to that!

Disclaimer: This article contains general information and should not be regarded as a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult with your doctor or health care provider regarding health issues and before incorporating any changes into your diet.

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