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Curcumin - The Powerful Anti-Viral Superfood

Curcumin is a naturally-occurring compound found in the root of the turmeric plant and is scientifically known as Curcuma Longa.

Curcumin is among the principal curcuminoids of turmeric root and is responsible for the healing properties of turmeric. The amount of curcumin present in the root of turmeric is only 3 to 5%. Therefore by consuming raw turmeric, one cannot get the required dose of curcumin daily.

As turmeric generates heat and can be consumed in limited amounts only, the alternative for getting better healing properties of turmeric is the potential medicinal extract of turmeric root itself i.e. curcumin.

The effect of curcumin on the human body is wide enough to prevent and manage more than one hundred diseases in the human body.  A single power ingredient in your food and supplements can make you stay in good health even when a lot of others are fighting a serious disease of communicable or non-communicable nature. Prevalence of viral infection or vector-borne diseases such as dengue and chikungunya can make it hard for you to stay safe if you have not been taking preventive measures beforehand. Chronic unwanted inflammation can be the reason for onset or progress of chronic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis in your body. To prevent diseases, to manage them and to limit their progression to dangerous complications; curcumin can come to the rescue!

Benefits of Curcumin

Many of the benefits of curcumin are backed by science as they have been proven in many researches. Let us have a look on few of the benefits of curcumin on human body:

  • Anti viral:
    While modern medicine is still carrying out its research to get some medicine against most viral diseases, we have curcumin in ayurveda which is strongly antiviral in nature. This helps in prevention of dengue and chikungunya which are transmitted by mosquitoes but are caused by viruses. Another benefit of curcumin is that it can prevent and manage severe viral infections such as coronavirus infection. Curcumin has also been found effective against Zika virus.
  • Fights Fever:
    Antipyretic effect of curcumin is possible as it can reduce circulatory pro-inflammatory cytokines and glutamate-hydroxyl radicals. This effect of curcumin can be used to control fever in viral infections of even serious nature such as coronavirus infection. Fever is one of the symptoms of coronavirus infection and can be controlled with curcumin-based Ayurvedic supplements such as Immunity Booster Pack which has Immunoblast Juice, Immune Boosting Tea and Immunoblast Capsules.
  • Soothes Respiratory Tract:
    Benefits of Curcumin include healing roles in respiratory diseases such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, asthma, bronchitis which are characterized by either chronic inflammation or abnormal inflammatory responses. As coronavirus can affect people with existing respiratory diseases more severely, taking curcumin supplements in advance can increase chances of safety.

    Curcumin can prevent the onset of breathing difficulties in case you have the risk of being infected with coronavirus or are living in the vicinity of an infected person.
  • Relieves sore throat:
    Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant and has the strength to fight serious diseases, infections and wounds. Sore throat can make you susceptible to low immunity which can in turn increase your risk of coronavirus infection. It is also one of the symptoms of coronavirus infection.

    Consuming pure curcumin-based supplements can soothe your sore throat and decrease your risk of further infections.
  • Relieves cough and runny nose:
    Due to anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties,One more important benefit of curcumin is in relieving cough and cold caused due to bacterial and viral causes. Curcumin is also effective in relieving dry cough which is one of the symptoms of coronavirus infection.
    Curcumin can effectively help in relieving runny nose. Consuming curcumin-based herbal supplements will not only make you safe from these symptoms but will also relieve the intensity of these symptoms.
  • Helpful in Pneumonia:
    Curcumin can prevent the onset of pneumonia. Curcumin can also help in reducing inflammation and mortality in pneumonia. In the current situation, where coronavirus infection can lead to pneumonia in people with low immunity, consuming a pure curcumin-base supplement beforehand can help in limiting any viral or bacterial infection from proceeding towards pneumonia. In case of pneumonia, curcumin supplements can decrease the intensity of infection and difficulty in respiration.
  • Improves immunity:
    One of easy and natural ways to boost your immunity is by consuming pure curcumin through potent curcumin-based health supplements. Curcumin boosts immunity due to its immuno-modulating capacity on various pathways.  Adding extra curcumin during periods of stress, season of flu, periods of prevalence of viral infections is an important preventive and healing measure. Pure curcumin supplements help to stay safe in recent times of coronavirus outbreak. 

Curcumin is a potent ingredient in nearly all the health supplements of Preserva Wellness. The health supplements specifically designed by Preserva Wellness to boost immunity and lower the risk of infections include Immunoblast Juice, Immune Boosting Tea and Immunoblast Capsules. Improve immunity! Stay healthy!

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