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How to choose the right supplement

Health is the first and most important priority of people nowadays. The growing inclination towards fitness, an active lifestyle and attention towards self-care has taken the shape of a huge revolution in today’s world. With awareness generated among people regarding good health and food habits, people have developed a highly selective approach towards eatables, exercise and health programs. Along with all these changes, individuals are more likely to develop a soft spot for health supplements. These health supplements are formulated with the motive of fulfilling various nutritional deficiencies in the human body as the food we eat is either processed or exposed to chemicals and does not contain the nutrients it ought to. But with a thriving healthcare revolution and entry of too many brands, comes the risk of choosing the right health supplement. 

As people are focusing on using healthy substitutes, the market is being flooded with a wide range of health supplements, which definitely leaves the buyer in a state of confusion. We at Preserva Wellness, understand these doubts that often arise in the mind of all health-conscious people and give you some tips to make the buying process easy for you:

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1. Ingredients are Important:
Ingredients are Important: Ingredients indicate the composition of the supplements. The ingredient list is a very component that needs to be checked as it states all the substances that make the Preserva Wellness's wide range of vegan capsulessupplement suitable for the human body. All these ingredients have the power to alter the state of mind and body and can affect health in many ways. Most of us are not aware of the ingredients used and can make mistakes while choosing the right supplement. Thus, it is required to know what your body needs before buying any supplement. Do your homework and look for ingredients that your body needs.

2. Difference Between Raw Turmeric and Curcumin Supplement:
Natural is a Necessity: Natural supplements are the ones with the goodness of nature imbibed in them. Such supplements are quite popular these days due to herbal formulations which surely do wonders to health. Natural supplements are a necessity of the body these days as these have zero side effects and can be used on anyone and everyone. People who are healthy can use such products for better health and the ones who are suffering from illnesses can use them to get rid of even the deadliest diseases. As per Ayurveda, our body reacts best to natural elements. Thus choosing herbal compositions is a smart idea. Chemicals can give temporary relief but cause a lot more damage. As more people are moving towards plant-based foods, make up your mind and opt for herbal supplements.

3. Labels Speak Volumes:
Develop a habit of reading the label on the products. These labels go a long way in clearing your doubts regarding the product effectiveness. Some important things to check are chemicals used in the manufacturing processes, processes undergone, testing standards and specifications, nutritional values, certifications, date of manufacture. Ensure you buy tested and certified products only which are free of heavy metals and pesticides. When you know all the facts about the supplements, you get clarity about its functioning and effects on the body. Once faith is induced in a product, it works even better on the body.

4. Compare with Your Needs:
After knowing the deficiencies and requirements of the body, it is easy to know the things needed to be supplied. Compare the usage and benefits of the product with the needs of your body. If you feel the supplement has all the key requirements, include it in your daily routine. Look for possible side-effects or allergens. Know the quantity which your body needs and use accordingly.

5. Check the Calorie Count:
Calories matter a lot. Whatever we give to our body contains some amount of calories. Calories are what gives energy to the body but should be consumed in the quantity that the body needs as an excess will lead to weight gain. A good supplement is one which has a low-calorie count, can be used with other medications, is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and is less likely to produce any allergic reaction.Vegan and gluten-free curcumin capsules

6. Don’t be Fooled by Prices:
The notion that high-priced products are priced that way just because of the brand and low-priced supplements are as effective is wrong. Usually products with higher prices would have better quality, organic or more expensive potent ingredients. They might also be manufactured under more controlled processes and have all the required certifications. The main argument is that prices are not the primary criteria for judging any health supplement. Cheap is neither good nor bad, but in a lot of cases might not be effective or contain sub-standard ingredients. Break the price mindset and approve supplements on the basis of quality, ingredients, manufacturing processes and effectiveness.

When Should You Use Supplements? 

Food is the primary need of our body. Supplements are secondary but are essentially required these days due to the excessive use of GMO’s, pesticides and insecticides in our food. Our food supplies us with enough macro nutrients, i.e. carbohydrates, fats and proteins but not enough micro nutrients. These micro nutrients which are vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals are destroyed due to industrial and farming processes. Thus, supplements fulfil the nutrient requirements of the body. 

Nutritional supplements are not substitutes for food but are meant to enhance the nutrient content in the body. Nutritional supplements can be used even before the body calls for it. Such products are not just to be used in times of illness but are to be used for maintaining a healthy mind and body.

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