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Is your skin ready for the season change !

The days will be a little longer now and nights a little shorter. It is time for yet another season change here. Cheers have already begun for the approaching sunny days. While some are happily welcoming the summer, the others are busy cribbing over the immense heat it would bring with itself. In between lies the spring to be enjoyed by one and all. Amid bidding good bye to winters and welcoming the summers in India, people may or may not take note that their skin is also trying to get ready for the scorching heat and it needs your help! The first to face the atrocities of burning sun is your skin and therefore needs assistance in coping up to changes in weather.

Your skin is just not limited to external beauty. The glow on it represents the healthiness and happiness inside you. While the wardrobe is ready for most to embrace the summer fashion, it is important to update the skin care kit also. The importance of having a soft and supple skin does not decrease in any season.

  • Do not compromise on Detox routine¬†:
    Internal cleansing forms the basis of external glow. Toxins going inside you with food or air need to be flushed out on the same day so as not to let them cause harm to your skin. Oops, it is summer and you cannot have turmeric tea for cleansing your internal self. While free radicals are ready to attack your skin cells, you should be ready with a Detox drink to curb the free radicals. Such a drink is provided in an herbal curcumin tea by Preserva Wellness called Daily Detox Tea which can be consumed in summers unlike a turmeric tea. This curcumin tea has herbs like fenugreek which not only help in detoxifying through kidney and liver but also diminish the problem of smelly sweat. Such herbs let your skin breathe freely and glow in the summer days.Doctors checking the skin of a woman
  • Cleansing is important¬†:
    Sweat in summers attracts a lot of dirt which blocks your skin pores. Many skin textures may complain of excess oil production. Thus along with taking a bath daily, it is important to weekly exfoliate the dead cells from your skin. The exfoliation should be gentle so as not to cause marks on skin. Also, do not forget to remove make-up before going to sleep. Leaving your make-up overnight sends an invitation to acne.
  • Hydration should never be underestimated¬†:
    Water is life and it adds life to your skin. When the heat is trying its level best to suck all the water your body has, you should keep replenishing your hydration score to avoid your skin being dried up and life less. Agreed that dryness of skin in summers is may be less than that in winters but the value of healthy fluids is never lost. Drink plenty of easily available healthy fluids in summers such as coconut water. Hydration is important to balance the complexion and allows your skin to breathe. 
  • Eat summer friendly¬†:
    Whatever goes inside your gut definitely shows up in your skin.And this is why you are asked to stay away from junk and fatty food. During summers, the nature assures the production of fruits which have high water content such as cucumbers, water melon, and musk melon. Papaya is one which enhances digestion and makes your skin glow at the same time. Do not miss eating any of them to keep your skin in healthy shape.
  • Take in what soothes you internally and externally¬†:
    To keep your skin cool in hot weather, consuming aloevera with herbs and curcumin can do the work. A curcumin supplement is safe during summers as it would not generate heat inside your body unlike turmeric. In fact, aloevera in Ayurvedic herbal product called Oxyrich Juice by Preserva Wellness would work as a soothing agent for your internal self. Himalayan berry inside the same curcumin supplement would nourish your skin cells and curcumin in it would prevent from inflammation and allergies. Together, the composition is full of antioxidants to prevent damage to skin by free radicals. The soothing agents that touch your gut reflect on your skin.
  • Do not experiment a lot with your cosmetics¬†:
    Your skin is adapted to certain products. Before changing the cosmetic product you use, read about it at length. Always check if any particular ingredient that can be allergic to your skin is present in the product. Make it a rule that you first apply the product on your hand and then if no adverse reaction follows, you may apply it on your facial skin.Sliced exotic and healthy fruits in a glass bowl and mug
  • Try to avoid the sun between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.¬†:
    You must have observed how soon the clothes dry when you lay them under the summer sun. Scorching heat is at its peak at these timings. The intensity is high enough to cause sunburns. If you have to go out, use an umbrella.
  • Sunscreen should be used¬†:
    Do not forget to use sunscreen. It protects your skin from harmful rays of sun.
  • Use a curcumin supplement to have an acne free skin¬†:
    If you do not wish your skin to encounter summer acne, use a curcumin supplement which specifically takes care of your skin. Oxyrich capsules by Preserva Wellness contain curcumin, green tea, Himalayan berry which increase body’s metabolism and purify blood. Since these ingredients also help in regeneration of tissue; skin cuts, sun burns and blemishes heal in a considerably lesser time on consuming these tablets. Being anti inflammatory and anti microbial in nature, curcumin is highly effective against the bacteria that lead to proliferation of acne such as, Propionibacterium acnes. It also manages wonderfully a lot of skin diseases like psoriasis in which its main target is to reduce severity of inflammation and itching. Green tea being put in the right amount in each capsule acts as a powerful antioxidant and thereby reduces acne and skin marks.It also increases lipid metabolism, inhibits tumor formation and reduces risk of heart disease. Himalayan berry is capable of healing damage caused by radiations and sun burn. Since it also helps in reducing oral inflammation and intensity of gastric ulcers, it improves gut health which in turn is reflected on skin.

Be it summer or winters, Oxyrich Capsule and Juice are skin friendly and keep you healthy in all seasons

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