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Lesser Known Facts About Bone Health- You Need to Know!

You may find your skeletal system like a rock, but the truth is, every part is living. Like all other living things, your bones need nourishment and maintenance throughout your lifetime. It is true that after a certain age, your bones stop growing, but it does not mean that internal activity also stops.

The process of "bone remodelling" is an ongoing process that involves the continual destruction of old tissue and the regeneration of fresh.

Nowadays, urban youth are affected by osteoporosis, a condition that makes bones porous and extremely weak, resulting in a decline in bone mass & density. This condition is frequent in women due to physiological and anatomic factors, but due to lifestyle changes, there is a rise in osteoporosis in youngsters.

If you're wondering how to take the best care of your overall bone health, here are some facts to help you get started.

The main culprit- Modern lifestyle

The prime cause of osteoporosis is Vitamin D and calcium deficiency. These days a modern lifestyle includes low sun exposure (Vitamin D), low intake of calcium, less exercise, and smoking habits, which increase the chances of osteoporosis in youngsters.

Escalators & elevators have replaced stairs, home delivery services replaced physically carrying groceries home, and hand pumps which required hard work, have been replaced with taps. These changes have drastically reduced physical activity levels and have become the primary cause of lesser bone strength.

Sedentary lifestyle with unhealthy eating habits

Weight-bearing exercises are a must!

Exercising daily not only helps in weight reduction but also helps in maintaining good health. Weight-bearing exercises are an essential part of strength training for two reasons. First, building muscles that keep you strong and in shape. Second, to support the coordination between muscle and bone function.

Numerous studies have proven how strength training is not only for muscles but also for supporting your overall structure, improving balance, and reducing the risk of falls. People who do strength training regularly have strong bone density in old age. A sedentary lifestyle starts draining calcium stores from your body. Without any physical activity, there is a greater risk of thinning of aging bones.

Just milk is not enough

In childhood, we were always encouraged to drink milk every day. We grow up believing that maintaining an adequate supply of calcium to our body is the key to healthy bones.

But while it's only partially true that you need at least 1,000 milligrams of calcium each day, you also require a daily dose of magnesium, vitamin D, and protein to keep your bones strong.

Vitamin K for dense bones

Vitamin K is crucial for optimal bone density. The right combination of these nutrients is essential for promoting bone metabolism. In addition, compounds known as "carotenoids", found in green vegetables, sweet potatoes, and carrots, are necessary for maintaining bone mineral density.

Alcohol consumption = unhealthy bones

Excess consumption of alcohol is not only bad for your liver but also your bones. According to a report published by Alcohol Health and Research World, alcohol interferes with hormones that regulate and affect calcium metabolism inside our body.

Furthermore, excessive alcohol consumption makes bones more prone to osteoporosis.

Excessive caffeine decreases bone density

Similarly, excessive caffeine consumption can also cause imbalances in the skeletal system over time. As you get older, these imbalances tend to worsen, and the rate of bone deterioration becomes so rapid that the regeneration process cannot cope with the loss.

Ideally, consuming a cup or two of coffee daily is not considered harmful, but more is assuredly dangerous. However, caffeine doesn't just mean coffee. You also need to stay away from sodas with caffeinated sugar, which are exceedingly large in calories.

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 Ayurvedic remedies for bone health

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If you want to keep your bones healthy and strong, try exercising regularly and managing your nutrition intake. It is vital to have regular medical checkups every 2-3 years to monitor bone mass and detect problems early.

Adults over the age of 65 and people at high risk of osteoporosis, including heavy smokers and people with a history of fractures and weight problems, should have their bone health checked regularly.

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