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Neem Has Antibacterial Properties

Unblemished and vibrant face is inclination of everyone but very few are fortunate with flawless face. But teenage is considered as the most challenging to remain pimple and acne free occurs due to hormonal changes. Usage of neem internally or topically helps in controlled secretion of oil i.e sebum. Neem has some active components like nimbin, nimbinen, nimbolide, nimandial, ninbinene that have anti-microbial and anti - inflammatory agents. Gedunin and nimbidol are two chemical compounds found in the leaves of neem which inhibits fungal infection which cause athlete foot, ringworm etc.

  • Acts as Antibacterial

    It acts as antiseptic and fights against bacterial infections, provides immunity against pathogenic microbes. This is regarded as antisceptic due to its ability to combat with other harmful microbes.3 brown containers with neem leaves, branches, and paste in them
  • Helps in Blood purification

    Neem helps in purification of blood and eliminates toxic materials which prevents acne formation and reduces cholesterol levels thus reducing risk of heart attacks and other neurological disorders. This also regulates mast cells which fight against infections and prevents food borne illness.
  • Prevents psoriasis

    It has antibacterial properties, that's the reason neem oil is used to treat the symptoms of psoriasis which makes skin scaly and itchy. But use of this powerful herb helps in treating the symptoms of itchiness and other bacterial infections.
  • Side Effects Of Neem

    Neem is a natural blood purifier so it doesn't cause any damage to organs but severe prolonged use of neem can cause liver problems, hypoglycaemia, kidney damage, infertility and sometimes it can cause miscarriage. So consume the neem but according to your doctor prescription.
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