Fresh rosemary plant on a white background

Rosemary Has Antioxidant Property

Rosemary is a fragrant potherb which you might find in every kitchen. Used for garnishing and adding new flavour to food contains a compound called carnosic acid fight against free radicals. Provides protection against beta-amyloid induced neuro degeneration.

Provide relief in migraine pain
Rosemary helps in suppressing migraine as it contains a chemical compound called carnosic acid eliminates free radicals and prevents Alzheimer's disorder and migraine.

Helps in detoxification
Also acts as detoxifier helps in removing toxic materials from body by activating the liver enzymes helps in proper digestion of food.

Improves Blood Circulation
Helps in production of RBCs provide oxygen to the cells and revitalizes the body by preventing circulatory problems.

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