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Shilajit’s Benefits For Men’s Health

Shilajit is a pale, brown and blackish powder, which is a tar-like natural substance consisting of organic material formed by slow compression of plants between the layers of the rocks which oozes out from high mountain rocks during the summer. This mineral rich organic substance comes under the category of herbomineral drug, has a bitter taste and slightly unpleasant odour. Shilajit is an age old, well known Ayurvedic remedy for men’s health and well-being, and in Sanskrit, it means “destroyer of weakness”.

Shilajit is a natural and safe alternative to address male infertility as per traditional Ayurveda. It is a safe dietary adjunct that restores energy balance and prevents certain diseases.

Shilajit has been known as a rejuvenator and anti-ageing natural compound in Ayurveda and other traditional system of medicines and comes under the category of “Rasayana” because it restores human health and provides physical strength. Shilajit is found abundantly in the mountain and hilly areas of Uttarakhand, Kashmir, lower Himalayas, Nepal, China, Bhutan, Afghanistan and Tibet. It is also known as Mineral pitch, Jew’s pitch, Ozokerite and Mineral wax.

Shilajit and its main benefits:

  • Shilajit contains humic acid and fulvic acid which are very strong anti-oxidants. It also contains more than 80 crucial minerals that impart incredible health benefits to men and overall support the male reproductive system. Raw sticky Ashwagandha rocks
  • It regulates testosterone level, a male hormone responsible for libido, hair growth, energy production, body fat and muscle mass. Low levels of this hormone may affect all these functions. It has been found from various clinical studies that shilajit enhances testosterone level. Higher testosterone levels also protect the muscle tissue, enhances mood and well being.
  • Shilajit is safe and the best supplement for male infertility since it is a rich source of minerals, which greatly enhances sperm motility, quality and quantity. Thus, in this way, Shilajit helps in restoring male fertility. 
  • Fatigue or extreme tiredness may be the result of long term condition known as a chronic fatigue syndrome that may affect our day to day work or other activities, and it may get challenging to carry on daily physical activities. Various studies prove that Shilajit may restore energy by improving mitochondrial activity, which may be due to the dysfunction of the mitochondria (powerhouse of energy production). It works on a cellular level, imparts a feeling of being awake and helps in quick recovery.
  • High level of fulvic acid in Shilajit has a strong anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effect, which prevents cellular damage and protects from toxins and free radicals delaying ageing. 
  • Shilajit prevents iron deficiency or anaemia and related symptoms, such as extreme fatigue, weakness, headache, pale skin etc. and improves iron levels gradually.
  • Shilajit help with high altitude mountain sickness, which may cause lethargy, insomnia, hypoxia, slow memory and pulmonary edema.A person feeling strong, fit and healthy
  • It may slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, since shilajit is a rich source of anti-oxidants, especially fulvic acid, which prevents the accumulation of plaque in the brain cells and reduces inflammation and improves the symptoms linked with AD.
  • Dibenzo-alpha-pyrones, present in Shilajit, prevents breakdown of neurotransmitters or brain chemicals and support memory and brain health.

Natural Composition of Shilajit:
Shilajit consists of 60-80 percent of fulvic acid. It contains more than 80 percent minerals in their ionic forms, such as silver, zinc, copper, lead and iron. The ample amount of minerals and fulvic acid in Shilajit, help in energy production, blood formation, avert hypoxia, work as a cardiac tonic, and beat chronic fatigue, lethargy and tiredness. Fulvic acid also aids in the nutrient transportation into the cells and tissues, and improves the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood.
Processed Shilajit is marketed in the capsule or powder form for the consumption. It has a long history and various medicinal uses such as for diabetes, cardiac health, brain and nerves, urinary system and the immune system including being a performance enhancer and promoting healing.

Shilajit and its safety:
Shilajit is a safe herbomineral drug, but sometimes unprocessed Shilajit is harmful, as it may possess certain fungus, heavy metals and other contaminants, which may lead to sickness, allergy and rashes. You should avoid Shilajit if you have thalassemia, hemochromatosis and sickle cell anaemia.

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