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Stress and weight gain

Weight Gain Stress
Weight gain is a common problem nowadays faced by many of us. Every third person is affected by obesity and fat. People tend to look for solutions all around them to get rid of this problem not knowing that the secret to good health is hidden in the activities that we perform daily. There can be a simple issue targeting our body and increasing the body fat whereas we are busy focussing on issues irrelevant to the problem. Thus, it is important to first analyse one’s daily habits and then look for solutions. 

Researchers suggest that stress is one common factor that makes the body more prone to weight gain. It has quietly crept into our lives and is showing adverse effects on our body. People don’t even realise that stressing over little things has become a regular habit which greatly contributes to their weight gain.Stress is a constant feeling of tension or worry that drags our mind again and again to the problem. It is a miserable feeling that arrives when we are struggling or fighting to satisfy demands. It can be due to anything like tight deadlines, high expectations in work life, personal life, etc. Stress becomes a major problem when it reaches a certain extent and it starts paving a way to new health problems. One such health problem is weight gain. Stress is correlated with many health issues and weight gain is a prominent one. 

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What are the effects of stress on our body?

Stress greatly influences our body. It shows several effects like: A man stressed and tensed in front of an orange background

  •  Weight Gain
  •  Tense Muscles
  •  High pulse rate
  •  Faster breathing
  •  Low immunity
  • Sweating
  • Headache and Irritability
  • High blood pressure
  • Digestion disorders
  • Anger and Anxiety
  • Poor Memory
  • Lack of Concentration
  • Lack of Sleep 

How to control stress?

Stress doesn’t happen because of a common issue or factor. Every individual has his/her own stress levels due to several unique reasons. The way mind perceives things and body behaves towards it, determines stress levels. The beginning of stress is usually with one negative thought which later turns into series of thoughts.

Stressful situations can never be avoided; the only thing that can happen is a change in the way of facing these situations. There are always such times when things are beyond one’s control and need special positive thoughts.

Stress can lead to weight gain and unusual weight gain leads to many other health issues, which makes it even more important to curb stress down.

Beat stress by practising these steps:

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How to reduce weight gained due to stress?

Once our body has gained weight, it becomes quite a task to get rid of it. We need to keep it mind that losing weight has to involve lots of patience and no traces of stress. If you start stressing over your weight loss programme, it will not be effective. Simple reminders need to be made to quit negative thinking. The efforts should start with baby steps ending with great ones. Some key points that one needs to keep in mind to reduce weight are:A woman stressed and sitting on a weighing machine next to an apple, measuring tape, and dumbbells

1. Power Exercise Exercise is a universal solution to many health issues. Stress management can be really simple with some power exercise like running, Pilates or even yoga. Not only stress, reducing weight is also simple with some power exercise. It also releases toxins, improves blood circulation and encourages better pumping of blood.

2. Do not restrict food It is important to eat healthy food. Healthy foods include mostly unprocessed foods, fruits and leafy vegetables. Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day as it fuels the body with energy for the entire day. So skipping this meal is surely not a good idea. Also, give yourself the permission to cheat once in a while. It is often observed that when people restrict unhealthy food, they are more likely to crave for it. Thus, give yourself food treats every a week and stay disciplined. 

3. Divert your mind with something else: H3 Food is only for providing nutrition to the body. It should not be eaten in to feel comfortable in times of distress. Do not treat food as your stress buster. Avoid taking the help of chocolates, chips and other junk food to divert your mind from the stressing situation. Look for better stress reducing foods like nuts, fruits, etc. Eat more protein rich food for reducing weight. 

4. Sleep More : Sleeping curbs down the cortisol levels and relaxes the body. Individuals tend to forget their stress issues while sleeping, except in cases of chronic stress. Lack of sleep leads to increase in hunger, fatigue and weight. 

5. Cut down caffeine Caffeine and stress is a terrible combination. Cortisol levels rise even more when we take caffeine during stressful situations. To avoid stress-eating and weight gain, try not to take caffeine in any form. Instead include good habits like drinking green tea, juices, vegetable soup and lots of water. Replace coffee slowly with healthy drinks.

6. Meditate Meditation gives relief from stress and keeps a balance among all the chakras of the body. It soothes mind and brings down the cortisol levels. Meditation also aids good digestion and smooth functioning of the body which results in better weight management. 

7. Take natural help Take rest in the lap of Mother Nature. Find a natural solution for the weight issue. Herbs like turmeric, gotukola, tulsi, shankhpushpi, which are great for the mind and act as perfect stress relievers. The mild nature of these natural herbs keeps the body safe from any side-effect. Both stress and weight can be perfectly managed by using such herbs. Try including these herbs in the form of nutritional supplements in your daily life and see the difference. 

In order to manage your body weight, it is important to keep a good attitude and then follow any health programme. Praising oneself for being disciplined is important just like holding oneself from doing unhealthy practices. Keep a balance in day to day activities.

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