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The Benefits of Using Ayurvedic Products

5 Benefits of Using Ayurvedic Products

Also known as the “Sister Science” to yoga, Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old art of healing that originated in India. Ayurveda places great importance on prevention and encourages the maintenance of health through close attention to balance in one’s life, right thinking, diet, lifestyle and the use of herbs. The word Ayurveda comprises of two Sanskrit words- ‘Ayur’ meaning ‘life’ and ‘Veda’, which means ‘science or knowledge’- which by definition implies Ayurveda as the “Science of Life”. Besides treating various diseases and conditions, Ayurveda is holistic and vows that our health is in balance with nature, body, spirit and mind.

The art of Ayurveda is based on three main books namely- the Charaka Samhita, the Sushruta Samhita, and the Astanga Hridaya that were written in Sanskrit over 2,000 years ago and are known as the Great Trilogy. Like the five elements of nature (water, earth, fire, space, and air) in traditional Chinese medicine, the three primary doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) make up for a combination in Ayurveda. The doshas need to be perfectly balanced for a healthy state of being. When they fall out of balance through dehydration, anxiety, stress, low energy or excessive exertion, the person is thrust into a state of “vikruti” (an imbalanced state of body and mind).

Ayurvedic treatment is essential to maintain balanced doshas and holistically heal you. It not only treats your illness but also protects you and makes you realise their full body potential.

Modern Ayurvedic Products

With all the advancement in technology and medicine, one might question the credibility of some ancient medicinal practice like Ayurveda. But the great thing is that modern Ayurveda incorporates the healing power of Ayurveda enhanced with modern technology which doubles or even triples its health benefits. One does not have to burden themselves with the hassle of collecting herbs and other ingredients to procure their concoctions as one can easily acquire Ayurvedic Products online from the comfort of their own homes. The best thing about Ayurveda is that it is effective and can heal the body without having any side effects.

Here are some of the benefits of using Ayurvedic Products:

1. Provides Preventive Care (Staying Well)

Unlike many modern western medicines which emphasizes on treating the disease instead of focusing on preventive care, Ayurveda medicine concentrates on preventive measures rather than curing the disease.  It detects a disease even before you could get it and provides preventive measures to curb it. Ayurveda medicine provides a balance in our doshas that attunes with our surroundings. This helps our internal as well as external to be in balanced and maintains a healthy state of being, free from the risk of diseases.

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2. Reduces Stress

The food we consume plays an important role in our mental health. Foods that do not agree with our body can manifest into negative feelings and eventually affect our mental health. Additionally, extreme emotional or physical stress tends to reduce the immunity in our body and left us defenceless when it comes to diseases. Therefore, incorporating a healthy diet into one’s life can have an immensely positive impact, which is why Ayurveda and its holistic approach to healing not only benefit your physical health but also positively affect your mental health and reduce overall stress. One can also reduce stress and anxiety through Meditation and Yoga.

One can find numerous Ayurvedic Products Online for such issues. Our 100% natural Immunoblast Capsules and Stresaway Tablets are specifically made for boosting immunity and reducing stress.

3. Removes Toxins From the Body

Many Ayurvedic medicines contain potent herbs that encourage good functioning of the digestive system and promote overall cleansing of the body. According to Ayurveda, consuming too many unhealthy foods can cause a build-up in our system which can cause a major imbalance in our body. It is crucial to rid ourselves from these toxins in our body as they can affect our overall wellbeing. A vital Ayurvedic treatment called ‘Panchakarma’ is used to get rid of toxins that interfere with the normal functioning of your body.

 Ayurvedic oils and massage are proven to help the body in getting rid of such impurities. You can also get a hold of our Ayurvedic Products Online like Daily Detox Tea and Platimore Juice which are highly effective in detoxifying the body, while nourishing the body simultaneously.

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4. Balances Hormones

Ayurvedic ingredients like Ashwagandha is one of the most potent and powerful plants that deal with hormonal imbalance. The plant mixed with other ingredients makes it a more effective formula in treating hormone issues. Unlike modern chemical-based medicine, Ayurveda prescribes natural formations and various therapeutic properties to help with all ill effects of hormonal imbalance. It helps maintain the regular menstrual cycle and pregnancy-related issues. Apart from consuming the herbal formulations, Ayurvedic treatment for hormonal imbalance also includes detoxifying the body, exercising regularly and maintaining “Abhyanga” (starting the day with full body massage).

 Boosthealth Tablets contains a formulation of pure Ayurvedic herbs such as Ashwagandha, Curcumin, and Shatavari to tackle all hormone-related issues.

5. Promotes Healthy Skin

 We often mistreat our skin with harsh chemicals in our effort to giving ourselves the best skincare treatment.  And we are forced to cover up these damages with different harsh chemicals which further increase the damage. Ayurveda assures that you can ditch the expensive chemical treatments for better and healthier skin. It is essential to understand what skin type you have (whether dry ‘Vata’ skin, sensitive ‘Pitta’ skin or oily ‘Kapha’ skin) to truly find the ideal Ayurvedic treatment that will best balance your doshas and promote healthy, beautiful skin.

Additionally, by following a healthy diet and a balancing lifestyle, our skin will respond to these Ayurvedic formulations, and will naturally balance itself as the entire body is eased into greater balance and health. Our Oxyrich Capsules and Oxyrich Juice, unlike many online Ayurvedic products, stay true to their claims, offering a natural and safe solution for beautiful glowing skin.

The miracles and benefits of Ayurvedic medicines are not limited to just these listed above. Instead, Ayurvedic medicines or products have a lot more to offer. You do not have to trouble yourself collecting ingredients and herbs to create your formulations. Thanks to technological advancement, Ayurvedic products are easily available everywhere. The internet is a great place to discover all the wide ranges of Ayurvedic products online, their associated benefits, their effectiveness, and their claims, all at your fingertip! All you need is to begin adopting its ways, and you will notice the positivity that they bring to your healthy life ahead

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