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The natural way of sleep

World Sleep Day is a perfect occasion to draw our attention towards our sleeping habits. People all over the world celebrate the world sleep day to reflect the benefits of sound & healthy sleep on human health. It is suggested to sleep for 8-10 hours daily.

The World Sleep Day Slogan 2018 is “Join the sleep world, Preserve Your Rhythms to Enjoy Life”, delivering the message that sleep restores the essentials of the body which are required for enjoying a peaceful life. 

There are several benefits of good sleep which we all are being deprived of, due to the hush-hush lifestyle. It is really important to get the dose of the extra Zzzz to lead a healthy life.

Get to know here how sound sleep can really help the body - 

Improved Concentration - Sleep refreshes the nervous system which is responsible for concentration & improved memory. After the continuous thought process throughout the day, the brain gets a good boost during the sleeping time. Thus, sleeps helps in improving concentration & memory.

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  • Good Metabolism- Sleep not only affects the productivity of the body but also A woman being disturbed due to snoring from her partnerimproves the metabolic rate. Many essential hormones are secreted during the sleeping period which increases the metabolic rate of the body. Also, the detoxification process of liver takes place while sleeping. Thus, sleep paves way for energetic body & active life.
  • Reduces Stress - A sound sleep can help in reducing stress and making the body strong enough to deal with the next day’s stress. Sleep relaxes the body and takes it to the comfort zone that it needs. This induces calmness in the body & helps in reducing many body issues associated with stress. 
  •  Enhances Immune system - Stress literally has a negative effect on the immune system of the body. When the body is in stress, it releases the fight-flight hormone which hampers the brain & body. Sleep helps in nullifying the effects of stress on the body which ultimately results in an enhanced immune system. 
  •  Disease-free body - Sleep improves the immunity of the body which makes it strong enough to resist the diseases attacking it. In addition to this, sleep reduces stress & improves the better functioning of organs like hearts, glands, etc. which prevents diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Thus, it contributes towards attaining a disease-free body. 6. Glowing Skin- Beauty & sleep have been associated together for ages. And this association provides the best results to the skin. Sleeping slows down the process of ageing, reduces dark circles & revitalizes the skin. Beauty sleep of 8 hours is likely to give the best skin effects. Good morning with a coffee mug and lavenders in the background

Sleeping disorders being one of the main concerns of today’s society need special treatment. Reduced & degraded quality of sleep is affecting the lives of people like a massive epidemic which raises hindrance in the path of health & fitness. The real problems that people are facing nowadays are insomnia & stress.

This World Sleep Day, Preserva Wellness brings you one step closer to a healthy lifestyle with the best nutritional supplement for insomnia & stress. Preserva Stresaway tablets are the herbal solution for inducing sleep & relaxing the body naturally. By including stresaway tablets in the daily routine, one can tackle insomnia naturally & safely.

The total herbal composition of holy basil, turmeric, Vach and many other herbs of stresaway tablets, relieves the body from frustrations, irritations and depression providing better & sound sleep.


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