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Triphala: The Natural Solution For Healthy Eyesight

Eyes: The Windows to the Soul

Our eyes are delicate yet vital organs in our body that need extra care and protection. In fact, they are the most important of our five senses -from the moment we wake up to the time we sleep, they assist us visually in our everyday functioning, yet we take it for granted and rarely pay much regard to their care. It is important to know that many things around us can contribute to the deterioration of our eye health.

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The constant exposure to radiation from our phones, computer and television screens and other electronic gadgets, along with diseases resulting from unhealthy diet and lifestyle habits, can all adversely put stress on the health of our eyes and may even damage them in the long run. Hence, it is important to take good care of our eyes before problems arise and become too late. For that, Ayurvedic treatment for eye health like Triphala is the one true solution. Read on to find out what Triphala is and how it truly benefits and protects your eye health.

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Triphala for Eye Health

For centuries, the ancient medicinal system, Ayurveda has used Triphala as an effective natural remedy for improving eye health. This potent formulation has also found its way into our modern-day and is now becoming a popular natural eye care solution. Triphala is a potent Ayurvedic formulation comprising of three incredible ingredients, namely Amla (Emblica Officinalis), Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) and Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica) -all of which are well-known powerful ingredients in Ayurvedic medicine.  Due to this, Triphala offers a wide range of nutrients and bioactive plant compounds, such as vitamins, sodium carbs, gallic acid, minerals, chebulinic acid, chebugali acid and many others that benefits the human body in many different ways. It has been known to help in regulating blood sugar levels, promoting digestion and also in detoxifying the liver and kidneys. But among all these, its benefits for eyesight and overall eye health are the most well-known and are even backed by modern-day science and research studies. Triphala preparations are widely available in the market in the form of powder, tea, juices, syrups, capsules or extract.

Generally, Triphala is usually ingested orally for health purposes. However, topical application in the form of eye drop or eyewash is another popular way to help address eye problems. Triphala eyewash is known to be extremely beneficial in treating eye inflammation, redness, dry eyes and strain that resulted from long hours of exposure to digital screens aka computer vision syndrome. Additionally, the rich vitamin C and antioxidants content of Triphala also proves to be helpful in protecting the eyes from damage related to oxidative stress.

Benefits of Triphala for Eye Health

No matter how it is used or consumed, Triphala is undeniably a powerful health booster and an excellent natural remedy for eye health. Here is a list of how Triphala benefits eye health:

        1. Prevents Eye Infection

Triphala formulation is home to potent nutrients that are especially helpful for the eyes. It is rich in vitamin A, which is known to be beneficial for treating and preventing irritations and infections associated with the eyes. It is also helpful in reducing inflammation, red and dry eyes and eye strain.

        2. Combats Oxidative Stress

Triphala possesses excellent antioxidant properties due to its rich vitamin C content. This is beneficial for fighting free radicals from damaging healthy cells in the body. Preparation like Triphala eyewash is known to be helpful in reducing eye damage caused by oxidative stress.

        3. Strengthens Eye Muscles

In Ayurveda, Amla is touted as a powerful ingredient that enhances vision and overall eye health. It is also known to help improve and strengthen eye muscles, which in turn helps in supporting good, healthy eyesight and overall eye health.

        4. Reduces the risk of Age-related Eye Problems

Haritaki, which is another key ingredient in Triphala, is an excellent plant with rich anti-ageing properties. This makes Triphala formulation a great natural remedy for eye health, especially in treating age-related eye problems.

         5. Treats Macular degeneration & Cataract

With a rich mix of potent ingredients, Triphala is packed with powerful bioactive plant compounds that are helpful in preventing and improving this eye condition, such as macular degeneration, as well as senile cataracts that are associated with age, cigarette smoke and constant exposure to UV radiation.

Supplement for Strong, Healthy Eyes ‚Äď Preserva Visiongold Juice

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The richness of Triphala, blended with powerful ingredients like Curcumin, Carrot and Aloe Vera in Preserva Wellness Visiongold Juice is the true remedy you need for strong eyesight and excellent overall eye health. With Visiongold Juice, you get to harness all the therapeutic goodness of Triphala along with the wide range of health benefits each ingredient offers to improve your eyesight from within and reduce your risk of diseases related to the eyes. Clinically tested for safety and quality, Visiongold Juice by Preserva Wellness is a 100% plant-based, nutritious juice specifically for the eyes. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and other compounds essential for nourishing and strengthening your vision and improving your overall eye health. Benefits include:

  • Reducing eye strain and Improving eyesight
  • Reducing inflammation, redness, puffiness and dry eyes
  • Reducing the opacity of crystalline in cataracts
  • Preventing and managing diabetic retinopathy
  • Preventing conjunctivitis and eye infections

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The Bottom Line

Triphala is a potent formulation that is full of powerful health-benefitting properties. It has been a staple ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine and has been used to treat all kinds of health conditions, and to this day, it is a well-known natural remedy for eye health. The rich mix of ingredients in the Triphala formulation offers an effective solution for maintaining good vision and treating all sorts of eye problems, including redness, puffiness, eye irritation, eye infection, dry eyes, computer vision syndrome. Triphala is also known to be helpful in preventing and treating eye-related issues like cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, conjunctivitis, and glaucoma.

Points to Remember: For Triphala eyewash, make sure the Triphala product you are using is free of all preservatives and chemicals which may harm your eyes. And make sure to consult with an Ayurvedic professional before practising Triphala eyewash.

Disclaimer- This article is intended for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always consult with your healthcare provider in case of any health complications.

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