Reasons why herbal supplements work slower than Allopathic medicines

Why do herbal supplements take longer to affect your body

We are living in the age of modern technology with hi-tech advance treatment options, innovations and quick results which are indirectly affecting our mind, body and soul. These are creating long term health hazards and not providing complete cures. Moreover, toxins are being added to our body through our food, environment and the chemical medications we consume. Behind all these advancements, herbal and natural medication is getting masked but thanks to a few handful companies who are still nurturing traditional values in the modern world, more and more people are realizing the benefits of Ayurveda with respect to overall health and complete cure. 

Curing problems using herbs is not a new approach; it is almost 5000 years old and an authentic way to treat diseases and balance the body. It focuses on physical and emotional health and also re-energizes and heals the body at all levels; physical, spiritual and psychological. In contrast, allopathic or chemical medicines only treat physical health and suppress the symptoms. It does not provide a complete cure and does not alleviate the problem from its roots unless a person goes through surgical procedures.

Herbal Supplements Vs Allopathic Medicine

Many people avoid using natural supplements because they take a longer time to act compared to allopathic medicines. It is already known that herbal supplements are natural and derived from Checking body temperature for fever with a thermometerplants, while allopathic medicines are chemicals and produced synthetically which works on targeted tissues or organs directly. Natural products take a longer time to enter into our blood stream and start taking effect as these are not boosted by steroidal components. They are more body friendly and work slowly to remove the root cause of diseases rather than directly targeting the affected and distressed organ only.

  • Restorative Properties:
    Herbs take a longer route to act and do so step by step. At the same time, they evoke a healing mechanism while allopathic medicines work selectively without any internal healing effect. Both have different way of action; allopathic medicines only eliminate the disease or treat the symptoms, but herbs restore the body’s natural physiology and prepare it to fight with the disease itself. This is one of the primary causes of why herbal supplements take a longer time to act.
  • Timeliness of Seeking Natural Cures:
    Sometimes a patient may opt for natural cures very late when other medications stop showing any improvement. A lot pf people also try home remedies before visiting a healthcare professional. In such cases, herbal supplements take longer to act because it takes time to eliminate the disease and to restore normal health. It is advisable to continue the supplements to get a complete and proper outcome and to ensure there is no reoccurrence of the disease.
    Pestel and mortar with herbs in it
  • Severity of Disease:
    The mode of action of any medication also depends on the severity of the disease, overall health, age and gender. The longer a health problem or diseases has been in the body, the more time it takes to eliminate and revitalize the body and to rebuild damaged muscles and the tissues.
  • Supplements Work on Overall Health and Wellbeing:
    Ayurveda treats the whole body, including overall health and wellbeing. It works on strengthening the whole system, therefore there are lesser chance of recurrence of the sickness. Allopathic medicines are based on instant relief and concentrate only on specific organs. There is no concept of strengthening the body’s immune system. Ayurveda helps to rejuvenate and rebuild the muscles, nerves and tissues which get affected due to sickness.
  • Negligible Side Effects:
    Since natural supplements are plant based and contain herbs, spices, fruits etc. they have negligible side effects. It is only a way of eating regular nutritious foods in a concentrated form with the correct dosage to manage illness. They do not contain any chemicals or artificial ingredients which cause detrimental effects on our health.


According to Ayurveda, there are 3 types of energies, vata: controls movement, pitta: is concern with digestion and metabolism and kapha: for maintenance and growth. Any imbalance in these 3 energies is due to poor diet, disease or stress and may affect mental or physical health adversely. Hence to rebalance these energies one need to be patient because the natural supplements work to restore all the three energies and rebuild normal and long-lasting health. Though it offers slow action, it ensures complete recovery and rejuvenation of the whole body including the mind and soul.

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