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World Environment Day 2018

World Environment Day¬†is observed on 5th June every year. As the name suggests, it is a day especially celebrated to lay emphasis on the protection and conservation of the environment. Global environmental awareness programmes were initiated in 1974 and since then, World Environment Day has become a day for reaching out to people all over the world. The day was officially declared by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972. In 1987, an idea was proposed to have a host country which would rotate and change every year. India is the hosting country for 2018 and the theme for this year is ‚ÄúBeat Plastic Pollution‚ÄĚ.

The themes have been changing over the years. Few topics which have been the subject of discussion for better protection of the environment are:
1. Only one earth:which means we need to preserve and save the earth.
2. Human settlements focusing on better land protection
3. Water- the need to save water.
4. Ozone layer depletion concerns, land loss and soil degeneration 
5. Development without destruction
6. Groundwater
7. Acid rain and energy
8. Desertification
9. Planting of trees

10. Global warming
11. Climatic changes
12. Saving the seas
13. Use of internet for environment protection
14. Melting ice 
15. Emphasis on Green cities
16. Low carbon economy
17. Saving the forests 
18. Illegal wildlife trade

The subject area of change and concern for 2018 is Plastic Pollution due to the growing use of this material in big structures like electronics, vehicles, housing to small things which go unnoticed but cause damage like straws and glitter. Polluted Beach with plastic and garbage

Plastic is a non-degradable substance that does no good to the surroundings or environment. It is a big threat to animals, human beings, plants and even to the soil. It is something that can be barely be recycled or converted into useful energy or product. The decomposing process is very long, lasting up to 1000 years, surpassing the user’s life by decades and causing environmental damage for future generations. The effects of plastic are not minor and have a long-lasting effect on the ecosystem. This toxic substance doesn’t even leave water unaffected. 

Other than plastic pollution there are several issues that we all must consider and work towards. Some serious steps must be taken towards taking better care of the environment. Read below and see how you can give a helping hand in the saving the Earth:

  • Say No to Plastic:¬†As we discussed, plastic is hazardous for the environment. The point of discussion is useless until we imbibe these thoughts and principles in our life. Extra effort needs to be taken for reducing the use of plastics. This is because plastic is a part of many utilities of our daily life.¬†

    The people of Sikkim in India took the initiative of reducing the use of plastics and it is commendable the way they changed their habits for the sake of reducing plastic pollution. They substituted plastic plates with paper and leaf plates which can be recycled. The government has also provided reusable water bottles to reduce the use of plastic. Many other changes undertaken by these people changed the surrounding of Sikkim and we all can strive to achieve this goal.
  • Embrace Perma Culture: Perma culture is a natural way to grow trees and plants without the use of fertilisers, pesticides or any intervention by man. These perma farms are smaller than the usual organic farms and are most often planned to maximise the use of land, water and soil.¬†

    World Environment Day 2018- It's Your Turn to Help the Environment! The aim of Perma culture is not to pollute the environment and thus it involves taking care even of its waste. This method focuses on providing nutritious and better food without the use of fertilisers, unlike organic farming. The work is even done on polluted sites to improve the fertility of the land and all these factors make it superior to organic farming.

    Preserva Wellness believes in sourcing its natural ingredients in the best possible way and thus procures turmeric and some other herbs from perma culture farms. The health benefits of Preserva Supplements are all because of the pure herbs grown through such unique methods. The makers of these natural supplements are highly conscious about environmental issues and thus opted for this special way of farming. Join the perma culture revolution, spread awareness about the disadvantages of traditional farming and the benefits derived from perma farming. Embracing perma culture can be a big leap conservation and protection measures of the environment.Globe wrapped in plastic next to plastic pieces
  • Save Water:¬†We all are aware of the importance of water in our lives. Thus, we all should aim towards adapting to a lifestyle that helps in saving water. Every once in a while, we humans tend to waste water which can be eliminated with little attention, cautiousness and sense of responsibility. Each one of us consumes water and should make a habit of saving water. Once we own this responsibility, there can be a lot of water saved for our future generations.
  • Plantation and Afforestation:¬†Trees are our best friends. The more we plant them, the better we can fight the odds coming in the way of environment protection. If we make a habit of planting a tree every now and then, it will improve the quality of our lives. Encourage plantation and spread awareness to make the Earth a greener and healthier planet.
  • Go Natural: A natural lifestyle is just not healthy but is also the best for the environment and gives us double benefit. By natural lifestyle, we mean opting for natural foods like fruits, pluses, grains and vegetables, fresh air, plants in your surroundings etc. Reducing the use of electrical appliances, smoke emitting vehicles, alcohol and aerated drinks and packaged food items, will not only improve the health but will also help in preserving the environment. Eating locally grown food also helps the environment and has less pesticides and preservatives as it has to travel less and is a healthier choice.

It is important to join our lives with the environment to take this issue more seriously. Consider taking a step in preserving the environment because a small step in this direction can go a long way in making your life and the planet healthier, better and safer!

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