It is also a common symptom of many diseases like fever, high blood pressure, upset stomach, anxiety or depression. It can happen in any part of the head. Some effective treatments for headache are meditation, use of natural health care products, acupuncture etc. The treatment is different depending on the types of headache. It can affect anybody irrespective of age, gender and race. Sometimes it can occur due to stress, hunger or too much exhaustion.

Types of Headache
1. Migraine headache
2. Cluster headache
3. Tension headache
4. Rebound headache
5. Thunderclap headache


• Rest well and sleep properly
• Keep yourself hydrated and eat a nutritious snack
• Do activities that help in relieving stress
• Stay in a de-cluttered environment
• Take care of your physical and mental health
• Take advice from doctor


• Do not over exercise.
• Do not hear loud music.
• Do not take unnecessary pain killers.
• Do not increase the intake of caffeine.
• Do not skip meals.
• Do not work on screen for long hours.
• Do not indulge in smoking or drinking.

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