Anantmool, also known as Indian Sarsaparilla, is a small plant from the Apocynaceae family. The botanical name of this plant is Hemisdesmus Indicus. Some other popular names of Anantmool are Zaiyana in Arabic, Magrabu, Salsa, Kapooree in Hindi and Ushbanindi and Yyasmine Bbarri in Persian.

Anantmool is largely found in South Asia and the upper Gangetic plains. It has woody and aromatic roots and the stem is thick at the nodes with a slender body. Its leaves are short-petioled and has colourful flowers with a green and purple tint.

It is rich in essential oil, tannic acid, starch, coumarin and triterpenoid saponins. It is a natural diuretic, diaphoretic (increases perspiration), depurative or detoxifying, immunosuppressant and aphrodisiac agent.

Anantmool is a rare herb that has several benefits for the body. It has been known for its cooling potency and nourishing nature. It has a sweet taste with an oily and heavy consistency. The extracts of roots and leaves are widely used for treating hair and scalp problems, leprosy, kidney infections, respiratory issues, gastric disorders and fever.

Benefits of Anantmool

  • Benefits to Hair:¬†Anantmool is a natural cure for baldness and hair fall. It is beneficial for the growth of new hair. It helps in removing excess heat from the scalp and also in treating scalp problems like inflammation, dandruff and itching. Anantmool is an important ingredient in many hair solutions due to its cooling effect on the scalp.
  • Benefits to Skin:¬†Anantmool has an amazing, cooling effect that helps in healing skin wounds. It is a natural remedy for skin infections and skin inflammation including those on the scalp. It is used for many skin diseases like eczema, urticaria and erysipelas. The root paste of this plant is applied to skin to get relief from dermatological issues.
  • Gives Relief from Urinary Problems:¬†Urinary infections, kidney stones and kidney infections can be managed with the help of Anantmool. It helps in easing the process of urination and also prevents red and painful urination.
  • Respiratory Issues:¬†Respiratory issues like asthma, bronchitis etc. can be tackled with this natural herb. It is also used for getting relief from hiccups.
  • Blood Purification:¬†Anantmool is helpful in removing toxic substances from the blood. It also helps in detoxification of the body. This herb is known for increasing strength and energising the body. It has a refreshing effect on the body.
  • Digestive Action:¬†This herb has a strong digestive action that prevents indigestion, gastritis and ulcers. It balances the juices in the stomach which normalises acidity.
  • Anaemia:¬†Anantmool is often used for its ability to increase production of red blood cells. It helps in increasing the RBC count and treating anaemia.
  • Benefits to the Brain:¬†Anantmool acts as a natural brain tonic. It helps in lowering the effects of depression and anger. Its usage can help in bringing clarity in the thinking process.
  • Helps in Treating Joint Pain:¬†Joint and skeletal problems like arthritis and gout are characterised by joint pain. It is helpful in reducing such pain. Traditional methods of Ayurveda suggest application of the root paste on the joints for reducing inflammation and joint pain.
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