Bacopa monnieri is the scientific name of Brahmi. It is a well known herb across the nation and the world from the ancient time. Lesser known names for Brahmi are Indian pennywort, Herb of Grace and water hyssop. Unlike other herbs, Brahmi has unique health benefits that have made it desirable across the globe.

It belongs to the Scrophulariaceae family and is grown in the marshy, wet and damp places. Stem and leaves of the plant have been used in Ayurveda since time immemorial to treat certain health ailments.

Brahmi doesn’t have any aroma, but has a mild taste. The leaves of Brahmi are oblanceolate, thick and succulent, and are arranged oppositely on stem. Flowers are small and are borne in leaf axils.

Brahmi is mostly found in Florida, Vietnam, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, China and United States. It is a perennial and creepy herb, which is native to South East India, Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Australia.

Brahmi has some special biochemical compounds that make it unique in treating the various health ailments and disorders. Such compounds include valuable alkaloids and triterpenes that have strong effects on our body.

Presence of alkaloids such as herpestine, brahmine and nicotine; sterols such as, stigmasterol, D-mannitol, beta-sitosterol, betulinic acid and acid A; saponins such as hersaponin, monnierin, and triterpenes and bacosides in Brahmi makes it useful in various health issues.

Benefits of Brahmi

  • Effects Neurotransmitters:¬†Brahmi exerts some effect on the neurotransmitters that is helpful for the brain. Imbalance in serotonin levels can affect mental health. Brahmi balances the neurotransmitter serotonin to improve mental health.
  • Adaptogenic Herb:¬†Being an adaptogenic herb, it helps the body to adapt to stressful environment. Therefore, Brahmi is a powerful herb for dealing with stress and anxiety.
  • Improves Activity of Brain:¬†It promotes brain cell regeneration and functioning of brain cells. Brahmi improves alertness, memory, concentration and mental clarity. In Alzheimer‚Äôs disease, Brahmi can help in positively stimulating brain cells to form brain tissue and can prevent degeneration of existing brain cells.
  • Promotes Liver Health:¬†Liver is the main detoxifying organ. It encourages liver function and promotes liver health after it has been damaged by toxins. It also saves liver from toxins in food and drinks that we take in daily.
  • Antioxidant Effect:¬†Brahmi is a natural powerful anti-oxidant and, thus help in detoxification and prevents body organs from damage by free radicals.
  • Improves Hair Health:¬†Brahmi promotes hair growth by providing important nutrients and complete nourishment which help in checking itching, dandruff, flakes and split. By strengthening the roots of hair and the hair strands, Brahmi prevents hairfall and breakage of hair strands from their mid. It reduces the problem of dry scalp.
  • Promotes Good Sleep:¬†Brahmi prevents insomnia, stress and anxiety. It relaxes your brain so that it is easier for you to attain and maintain sound and refreshing sleep.
  • Beneficial in ADHD:¬†It helps in managing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in children via combination of cognitive enhancing and sedative effects.
  • Neurological Tonic:¬†Brahmi works as neurological tonic to improve cognitive functions and is of use in treatment of epilepsy.
  • Preventive against Cancer:¬†Brahmi has natural compounds that are effective in preventing your body from various cancers.
  • Improves Respiration:¬†Brahmi enhances pulmonary functions and therefore is a useful remedy for some respiratory disorders like asthma.
  • Improves Immunity:¬†It boosts the immunity and prevents inflammation. Thus, it may restrict onset and progression of many chronic diseases.

The effects of Brahmi on scalp health and on the nervous system make it of use in Tressgrow Tablets and Tressgrow Oil. Its action on all the spheres of body sets it apart from the other herbs in Ayurveda

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