Ginger, scientifically known as Zingiber officinale, belongs to the plant family Zingiberaceae. Turmeric and cardamom also belong to the same botanical family. Ginger is the root of the flowering plant rhizome and so is often termed as ‘ginger root’. It has its original grounds in Asia, especially in the Indian subcontinent. Ginger is considered unique due to its spicy taste and strong fragrance. Its aroma has an amazing effect on the mind and body. 

The ginger plant grows up to 3-4 feet and bears 3-5 ginger roots. These ginger roots are washed and dried in the sun before being used. The vital flavour of ginger, besides the nutritional value, attracts a lot of praise. Therefore, it finds a prominent place in many dishes, sweets, curries, beverages like tea etc. It is also one of the oldest known herbs for its medicinal qualities and is used in Ayurvedic treatments and aromatherapies. 

Nutritional Value

Ginger is a storehouse of power-packed nutrients like Vitamin A, B, C and K, fibre and protein. It also has a good percentage of minerals present in it such as Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium. Carbohydrates are also present in this spice which makes it rich in fibre. The flavour and health benefits are provided by the presence of an element called gingerol. It is believed to provide relief from stomach discomfort, aids intestinal cleansing, soothes irritable bowel syndrome, is great to soothe sore throats and treat colds etc. 

How to Add Ginger to Your Diet

  • Ginger tea
  • Natural supplements with ginger extract for high potency and strength
  • Ginger paste
  • Raw ginger
  • Ginger powder 

Benefits of Using Ginger

This aromatic root is specifically used to create ginger oil, ginger tea, ginger powder etc. It can be a perfect refreshing ingredient that can open up even the most tired senses. When soreness overpowers the body, ginger is the ultimate relief. Some major benefits of ginger are as follows:

  • Liver Protection: Ginger protects the liver from liver fibrosis. It helps in better functioning of the liver and reduces fat accumulation around it. It stimulates the enzymes causing an anti-oxidant effect on the body.
  • Relief from Menstrual Cramps: Women can gain relief from menstrual cramps with the use of ginger. It is especially useful for young girls as allopathic painkillers are very harmful for the body and excessive usage at a young age is not advisable. Gingerol present in ginger helps in reducing inflammation and countering free radicals in the body. This is a simple remedy and can be used easily. 
  • Anti-Cancer Effect: Ginger is rich in anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce the risk of cancer. Gingerol inhibits cancer cell migration, thus protecting from effects of cancer.
  • Osteoarthritis: Ginger is a natural pain killer and joint healer. Both joint pain and inflammation can be effectively dealt with ginger extract.
  • Good Digestive Effects: Effects of indigestion like constipation, acidity, flatulence, inflammation of the digestive tract, poor digestion, constipation etc. can be defeated with the power of ginger. It heals the intestines and improves the digestive capacity of the body. Ginger is also a powerful herb used for detoxification of the body. 
  • Relief from Nausea: Vomiting and nausea caused due to intake of allopathic medicines, gastric issues or allergies can be controlled with the use of ginger. The anti-oxidants present in ginger reduce the toxins level in the body, whereas the ability to fight infections tackles allergies. 
  • Strengthens Immunity: Strong immunity is required to protect the body from several diseases and infections. Ginger has the ability to break down toxins and cleanse the system. Lesser accumulation of toxins leads to better functioning of the immune system.
  • Treating Sore Throat and Flu: Ginger, especially in combination with Curcumin, is very effective intreating sore throats and providing relief from the symptoms of flu. Its anti-inflammatory property reduces swelling in the glands and it also flushes out toxins from the body leading to faster recovery.
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