Green tea is the most preferred tea by the health-conscious community all over the world. It is derived from Camellia sinensis plant. Asian countries like Japan, China and India are the largest producers of green tea. It is considered healthier than the other teas due to a large number of anti-oxidants present in it. The non-oxidative process in the preparation of green tea makes it a better nutrient enriched tea than black tea. The unique taste and soothing aroma makes it a relaxing drink that people like to indulge in. 

Green Tea is enriched with Vitamins C, K, A and B. There are also traces of minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc, and nickel in it. It has no fat content due to which it has very low calories. The essential nutrients of green tea are catechin polyphenols, caffeine, carotene and flavonols. These antioxidants work miraculously well on the human body. 

Benefits of Green Tea 

  • Increase in Energy: Various nutritionists suggest that drinking green tea is a good way of driving out laziness from our body. Researchers have also expressed that catechin present in Green tea enhances the stamina. It is a perfect super drink to gear up energy levels and to stay lively all day. 
  • Dental Health: The anti-bacterial action of green tea reduces the problem of bad breath and tooth decay. Its anti-inflammatory action reduces the gum infections and gum pain. Thus, green tea plays an important role in dental health. 
  • Anti-Inflammatory Action: The anti-inflammatory action of green tea reduces the inflammatory cytokines that can cause joint pain and swelling. With this exceptional quality, it is able to help in diseases like arthritis and cancer. The painful inflammatory conditions leading to the origin of many diseases can be controlled with a cup of good quality green tea. 
  • Improves Brain Health: Green tea is known for containing L-theanine compounds. It has a relaxing effect on our body and relieves the body of stress and anxiety. The little amount of caffeine brings a sense of alertness to the mind which keeps the brain active and increases productivity. It also reduces the risk of memory affecting diseases like Alzheimer's disease. 
  • Aids Digestion: The harmful bacteria in the gut can deteriorate the health of the digestive system causing intestinal and liver disorders. Anti-bacterial action of Green tea works effectively on such bacteria and provides natural help to digestion. It also protects the body against allergies and infections leading to strong immunity.
  • Improves Heart Health: High cholesterol levels increase the risk of heart diseases and sudden strokes. The antioxidants present in green tea keep the heart healthy. High blood pressure can also be regulated by drinking green tea. 
  • Helps in reducing weight: Green tea does not directly help in weight loss, but it surely makes the weight reduction process easy. It keeps the body active and reduces laziness which results in better movement of the body. Energetic workouts help in reducing body weight. Also, green tea has no fat or sugar content in it, which keeps the intake of calories very limited in the body contributing towards reduced weight and healthier body. It is a great substitute to other drinks while trying to lose weight as the hot water used to make it also flushes out toxins.


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