The genus of hibiscus plant comprises several types of species all over the world. Hibiscus plant is available as both small plants and woody trees. The plant is quite popular for its flowers. A hibiscus flower has many petals and is found in many colours. Red and Pink hibiscus flowers are quite common. Other than that purple, orange, yellow and white flowers are also found. Each flower is 4-18 cm broad.

All parts of a hibiscus plant have been traditionally used for benefiting the human body. These days hibiscus flower is super popular due to its amazing effects on health. It is largely used in tea, as powder, squash and vinegars. It has a sour taste and cooling potency. The hibiscus flower is loaded with natural antioxidants, malic acid, minerals, amino acids, protein and enzymes.

Hibiscus flower also finds a place in the papermaking process, the composition of medicines and preparation of foods and beverages.


  • Reduces high blood pressure:¬†Researchers state that hibiscus flower extracts show positive effects on people suffering from high blood pressure. Such extracts lower high blood pressure and help in regulating blood pressure fluctuations. It further reduces the risk of cholesterol and heart diseases.
  • Helps in reducing weight:¬†Tea with hibiscus flower or extract is quite beneficial in reducing weight. Hibiscus prevents the excess absorption of glucose and starch in the body. This action ultimately helps in reducing overall body weight. Hibiscus also helps in quenching thirst.
  • Enhances immunity:¬†The power of antioxidants lies in the hibiscus flower. All these compounds help in enhancing the immunity of the human body. It is also rich in anti-bacterial properties. Bacterial infections are thus prevented due to the anti-bacterial properties present in hibiscus. Altogether hibiscus helps in strengthening the body and making it healthier.
  • Helps in controlling diabetes:¬†Diabetes or high sugar levels can be seriously fatal for the body. Hibiscus helps in regulating high levels of sugar due to its hypoglycaemic properties. It is a natural and simple remedy for diabetics.
  • Anti-depressant effect:¬†The rich composition of flavonoids present in hibiscus flower is responsible for improving mood. The anti-depressing action helps in relaxing the body. It helps in reducing anxiety and stress which are the major effects of depression. Thus, it serves as a natural anti-depressant.
  • Improves digestion:¬†Hibiscus is largely used in the preparation of teas that help in improving digestion. Hibiscus is rich in antioxidants and also acts as a natural diuretic. It is used for treating constipation and gastrointestinal issues. Due to its cooling effect, it helps in reducing ulcers.
  • Liver health:¬†Hibiscus possesses anti-inflammatory properties. These properties fight inflammation and enable smooth functioning of the liver. Extracts of hibiscus flower also bring down the level of accumulated liver fat. If not controlled in time, this fat deteriorates the liver. The enzymes present in hibiscus helps in the detoxification of liver which ensures good health and proper working of the liver.
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