Papaya leaves are the leaves of the Papaya tree. The botanical name of Papaya tree is Carica Papaya & it belongs to the Caricaceae plant family. This tree grows upto a height of 20 m. It has large leaves that are around 50-70 cm in diameter.

Papaya tree originated in Southern Mexico & Central America and is largely found nowadays in many tropical countries of Asia. Malaysia is one of the largest exporters of papayas. The fruits, leaves & stem are nutritionally very rich.

The anti-inflammatory action, healing property & anti-oxidant effect of the compounds found in Papaya leaves make the leaves beneficial for health use. The leaves are a good source of enzymes, fatty acids, vitamins, phytonutrients & essential minerals. Thus, the leaves of papaya plant are largely used in medicinal formulations.

Benefits of Papaya Leaves

  • Defeats dengue :¬†Papaya leaves are rich in enzymes that help in reducing the severe effects of dengue. These leaves help in reducing the swelling along with body pain, fever & rashes. Studies suggest that papaya leaves can help in increasing the platelet count of the blood. High dengue fever often ends up in reducing the platelet count which can be prevented by the use of these leaves. Not just dengue, the natural formulation of these leaves is also beneficial for patients suffering from Malaria.
  • Improves healing process¬†:¬†The antibacterial effect of papaya leaves prevents wound infection. The high level of antioxidants improves the healing process & gives better relief from wounds.
  • Helpful in treating stomach issues¬†:¬†Digestive issues can be tackled naturally with the help of papaya leaves. Stomach infections, abdominal pain & acidity can be reduced to a great extent by the natural enzymes present in papaya leaves. Papaya leaves also provide relief in menstrual cramps as these regulate the hormonal levels of the body. People with stomach ulcers & poor digestion can also opt for papaya leaves as their powerful anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & anti-inflammatory action works effectively on these issues. ¬†
  • Benefits skin & hair¬†:¬†Glowing skin without any acne problem can be obtained with the regular use of papaya leaves. The juice of these leaves can be taken orally & has an amazing effect on the hormonal levels of the body which is the main cause of skin issues. The amino acids & antioxidants work miraculously well on the skin & help in reducing wrinkles, pigmentation & dullness of skin. The deep cleansing effect makes these leaves eligible for treating scalp issues. It is a natural treatment for many serious scalp issues and leaves the hair healthy & shiny.
  • Boosts immunity¬†: Papaya leaves are loaded with antioxidants that help in boosting the immune power of the body. These leaves are good for the prevention of allergies that are most likely to affect the immune system.
  • Anti-diabetic Effect¬†:¬†The leaves of papaya plant can reduce high glucose levels & help in the treatment of diabetes. The anti-oxidants present in the leaves help improve insulin sensitivity & reduce the oxidative stress.
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