Prickly chaff flower is a powerful healing plant from the plant family Amaranthaceae. It is scientifically known as Achyranthes Aspera. Some other popular names of this herb are devil’s horsewhip, apamarga, chirchita, apang and Onga. 

It is grown in almost all tropical regions like Asia and Australia. In India, it is available at an altitude of 900m. Generally, two types of prickly chaff flowers are available, namely Shweta which is white in colour and Rakta which is red in colour. White coloured flowers are called Achyranthes Apera, whereas Red coloured flowers are called Puppalia Lappaceae. The spine-like structures on apamarga plant irritate people by catching and sticking to the clothes which generally catches attention.

Chaff flower is bitter in taste. It lies in the category of medicinal plants due to its great medicinal values. Seeds, flowers and leaves are used in medication and supplements. The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities of this herb can make a real difference in improving health. It is enriched with alkaloids, essential oil, tannins, glycosides and ecdysterone.  Chaff flower has a special place in Ayurveda for treating numerous problems like piles, kidney stones and indigestion. It has been used for over the ages in Indian systems of medicine. 

Benefits of Prickly Chaff flower

  • Helps in Digestion: Prickly Chaff flower has the power to release the excess toxins called ama and help in improving metabolism. It also helps with colic pain. Issues like gastric disorders and bloating are dealt with chaff flower. Intestinal infections can also be managed with the use of chaff flower.¬†
  • Relief from Cough:¬†The natural strength of prickly chaff flower helps in breaking down mucous and removing it from the body. Individuals suffering from cough can use this herb to remove mucous from the throat and get rid of frequent coughing bouts.¬†
  • Laxative:¬†Chaff flower has detoxifying qualities that makes it strong enough for cleansing the intestines and relieving constipation. This herb is also quite effective for balancing the doshas of the body.
  • Relief from Piles: Being an effective laxative, prickly chaff flower provides a great sense of relief in piles. It reduces constipation and pain. It is even helpful in bleeding piles.¬†
  • Excellent Diuretic: This herb is a natural cure for kidney issues. It helps in dysuria, urinary retention, water retention and kidney stones. People suffering from kidney issues can use chaff flower as a natural remedy for their problems.¬†
  • Reduces Occurrence of Uterus Infection:¬†Uterus infections are quite common among women these days. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of prickly chaff flower help in managing such infections. White discharge in the vagina is also controlled with the use of this unique herb. It also relieves swelling and pain in the uterus. It is perfect to use for women.¬†
  • ¬†Animal Bites: It can act as an anti-poison against animal bites. The pulp of chaff flower leaves is a good natural remedy for animal bites. Individuals bitten by a snake, dog or scorpion can get relief by the use of this herb.


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