Tectona grandis is locally called as Sagwan or Sagon and is most commonly known as Teak tree.

Tectona grandis, a woody tree, belongs to the family Verbenaceae, is famous for yielding extremely high quality timber, which is resistance to pest and decay even without polish. It can survive hard weather and conditions, for a decade.

 It is a tall deciduous tree and can grow more than 100 feet. This tree has large ovate leaves, bears white flowers in summer season. Heart wood is yellowish and the sapwood is whitish in colour, which darkens with the age of the tree. Recently cut wood gives leather-like smell. It is a valued plant for its durability, water and paste resistance nature, and is extensively used in the woodwork industry.

Teak tree earlier originated in India and Burma, and is now also cultivated in Africa and Caribbean region. The tree is native to Asia, mainly, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Myanmar and Malaysia.

Burma and Bangladesh come under the major teak producers in the world. The tree can survive in a wide range of climatic conditions but tropical climate with warm and moist condition is the best for the tree to flourish.

All parts of the plant can be used for the medicinal purposes including roots, bark, leaves and flowers.

Its anti-bacterial activity is due to the presence of 5-hydroxy-1, 4- naphthalenedione (Juglone), cytotoxic activity is due to 5- hydroxy-lapachol hydroxynaphthoquinone, lapachol, dehydro- a-lapachone, squalene and methylquinizarin, lapachol.

Caffeic acid, ferulic acid, gallic acid and tannic acid are phenolic acids responsible for antifungal activity. Others components are naphthoquinone derivative, resins, fatty acids and triterpenes.

The leaves contain quinines and its derivatives. Leaves contain all most six percent tannins and some natural dyes. Bark contains anti-oxidants and tannins.

Sagon is useful in medicinal purpose as it shows anti-haemolytic, anti-anaemic, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, hypoglycaemic, analgesic, gastro protective, and anthelmentic, cytotoxic, sedative, astringent, diuretic and hepatic stimulant activities.

Benefits of Sagon: 

  • Promotes Hair Growth:¬†Sagon seeds oil promotes hair growth and prevents itching on the scalp.
  • Improves Digestive Health:¬†The bark and the wood have been used medicinally as laxatives, expectorants, to remove intestinal worms, and to manage piles, and dysentery.
  • Improves Skin Health:¬†leucoderma and various skin inflammations and problems such as itching, rashes, eczema, ringworm and scabies.
  • Improves Respiratory Health:¬†Sagon is also a useful remedy for bronchitis.
  • Improves Kidney Health:¬†The seeds, roots and flowers of Sagon tree are the useful as diuretic and thus promote healthy urine flow. The roots are specifically useful in anuria i.e. passage of less than 100 millilitres of urine is a day and retention of urine.
  • Fights against Pathogens:¬†The leaves of the Sagon tree have antifungal and anti-bacterial properties.
  • Helpful in Diabetes:¬†The bark of the tree is used to treat diabetes.
  • Helps in Controlling Blood Loss:¬†¬†The dried leaves are used for controlling menstrual disorders, haemorrhages or blood loss in general, haemoptysis or coughing up of blood.

The therapeutic value of sagon makes it a part of Tressgrow Oil and Tressgrow Combo.

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