Shikakai also known as Acacia Concinna is a climbing plant from the Fabaceae plant family. Shikakai is the Hindi name for this plant. It is quite popular as the food for the larvae of butterfly.

It is most commonly found in Asia. Shikakai plant serves the role of an important medicinal plant in Ayurveda. It has been used as a natural shampoo over the years.

Powdered Shikakai has been traditionally used all over India for taking care of tresses. The bark, leaves & pods of this plant are used for making the dry powder. The bark is rich in saponins which are natural foaming agents used in shampoos or soaps. The extracts of leaves are greatly useful for reducing dandruff on the scalp. It is widely used as an important constituent of natural hair masks, shampoos, conditioners & hair oils

Shikakai is enriched with oxalic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid, lactone, lupeol, alkaloids, vitamin c & nicotine. The anti-microbial action, anti-inflammatory properties & vitamin-rich formula makes it an appropriate composition for treating scalp & hair issues.

Benefits of Shikakai

  • Makes hair soft & shiny¬†:¬†Shikakai acts as a natural hair conditioner. It makes hair soft & shiny. It is often used as a natural hair mask that makes hair silky smooth. The mild formula helps in treating the dryness that often makes the scalp itchy. Tangled hair can also be detangled with this natural conditioning formula.
  • Helpful in treating lice¬†:¬†Lice is one big issue, especially among children. Shikakai is a natural solution for treating lice on the scalp. Being a natural formula, it is safe to use on kids. Adults can also use it on their scalp.
  • Natural Cleanser¬†:¬†Shikakai is a natural cleanser for the scalp. It is mild on scalp & doesn‚Äôt lead to any sort of dryness. Shikakai is known for maintaining the natural oils in the scalp, unlike modern-day shampoos & cleansers. It cleans the scalp & makes it fit & healthy for the prevention of scalp infections. Due to its low ph level, it is considered appropriate for all types of scalps.
  • Reduces hair fall¬†:¬†Shikakai is loaded with vitamins & micronutrients. These nutrients nourish hair & strengthen the hair follicles. This nutrient-enriched formula improves hair growth & reduces hair fall naturally. The mild cleansing action cleans the scalp wonderfully well & helps in getting rid of accumulated dirt & oil which further eliminates the chances of hair fall.
  • Helps in treating premature greying of hair¬†:¬†Premature greying of hair is quite a common thing to deal. With the growing stress & hormonal issues, greying of hair has turned into a big problem. Shikakai helps in restoring the colour of hair. It prevents protection from infections & keeps the scalp healthy which in turn prevents greying of hair.
  • Anti-microbial Action¬†:¬†The antimicrobial action of Shikakai helps in treating bacterial infections on the scalp. Scalp issues like dandruff can also be treated with the application of this natural formula. It prevents itching & strengthens the roots
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