When Body Pain Becomes Unbearable!

Pain in the body once in a while due to heavy work or exercise can is bearable. But when body pain starts becoming regular and increases in intensity, it becomes a cause of concern. Body pain can result from tiredness or exercise but may also result from an underlying condition.

Body ache can vary in intensity and frequency. The sensation of pain experienced by different people is different. One person may describe the pain as sharp and intermittent while another person may describe his pain as dull but a persistent ache.

Let us understand the common causes of body pain:

  • Fibromyalgia:
    It is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain and tenderness. This muscular pain is accompanied with muscular tenderness, fatigue and issues with sleep, memory and mood. Fibromyalgia amplifies painful sensations by affecting the way your brain processes pain signals.
  • Stress:
    Stress causes tension in the body. Along with it, stress weakens the immune system. The muscles feel stiff and the body’s response to inflammation and infection is affected. This may lead to unbearable pain in body.
  • Loss of Sleep:
    Lack of sleep affects every organ of the body. According to researches, there may be a two-way link between sleep and pain. People with severe pain can find it hard to sleep. At the same time, people with insomnia or chronic loss of sleep often experience chronic pain.
    Not getting enough sleep can lead to exhaustion and can make your body feel achy, sluggish, and heavy.
    When enough sleep is not achieved, the body does not have sufficient time to repair and recuperate, a person can experience more pains and aches frequently.
  • Arthritis:
    When a person’s joints become inflamed in arthritis, it leads to pain. Arthritis can result from wear and tear on the body or may also result from an autoimmune condition that causes the immune system to attack healthy tissues that line the joints. Pain, inflammation and fatigue are common symptoms of arthritis.
  • Autoimmune Diseases:
    Various autoimmune diseases are responsible for body ache. Such autoimmune conditions can include lupus, myositis and multiple sclerosis.
    Lupus occurs when a person’s immune system begins to attack healthy tissues causing inflammation.
    Myositis is an inflammation of the muscles and includes symptoms of fatigue and a general feeling of being unwell.
    Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune condition that affects the central nervous system. People with multiple sclerosis feel body ache and pain because the tissue surrounding their nerve cells break down due to persistent inflammation.

Managing Body Pain the Natural Way

Addiction to conventional pain killers due to body pain leads to several side effects and their ever-increasing dosage. Over-the counter painkillers are even more harmful. Efforts should be made to manage body pain with natural techniques and Ayurvedic health supplements to avoid serious side effects. You can help in reducing your pain by following the given techniques:

  • Give rest to the painful area!
    Resting the area of the body where you are experiencing aches and pains is important. The time you give it for resting is the time utilized by your body to repair itself, especially if any tissue damage has occurred.
  • Do not over-exercise!
    Over using a muscle during exercises can leave it painful for a while. Therefore, avoid high-impact activities until after the muscle pain goes away.
  • Get refreshing sleep at night!
    The time one spends to get refreshing sleep determines the time your body takes to heal itself of day-to-day wear and tear which in turn reduces intensity and frequency of pain.
  • Massage the painful area with a herbal oil:
    Herbal oils like Arthrogold Oil contain more than 15 herbs such as nirgudi, punarnava, rasna, wintergreen, sesame which help in easy penetration into the skin and fast relief from pain and swelling. Massage also helps in relieving stress and tension and can relieve all sorts of chronic pain, including back and neck pain. Massaging also improves the circulation of the blood to affected area.
  • Keep track of factors that worsen and relieve your pain:
    Knowing about the aggravating and ameliorating factors of your pain can help you in avoiding factors that cause or aggravate pain. You can switch to implementing measures in your routine which relieve pain.
  • Avoid smoking:
    Smoking can worsen painful circulation problems and increase the risk of heart disease and cancer.  Smoking also worsens chronic pain.
  • A healthy diet is a must:
    Well-balanced diet is important in many ways such as being an appropriate aid to your digestive process, reduction of risk of heart disease, keeping weight under check, and improving blood sugar level. Avoid processed food and consume whole grain, fresh fruits and vegetables and home cooked food.
  • Deep breathing and meditation can help you:
    These are techniques which help your body relax and ease pain. Focusing on breathing makes you ignore thoughts that lead to development of stress, pain and tension in your body.
  • Use a curcumin-based health supplement:
    Curcumin is a powerful anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving agent and helps to reduce pain with chronic origin, arthritis, pain due to injury, general body pain and more. Pure quality of curcumin is blended with ginger and aloe vera to heal pain in Arthroblast Juice.

Product of the Month: Arthroblast Juice

Ayurveda believes that chronic pain can be caused by a variety of factors, including impurities that have deeply become embedded in the physiology over the years. Poor diet, digestion and elimination can lead to a build-up of toxins in the tissues that can activate pain response. Certain foods are also responsible for sensitising nerves to increases pain response.

Pain is also increased by accumulation of stress and the disruption of bodily rhythms through an erratic or hectic lifestyle.  This can destabilize the nervous system and predispose an individual to an increased pain response.

Factors that depress your natural healing ability can slow down the body’s recovery from the experience of chronic pain.

Keeping physical and mental reasons of pain in consideration, Arthroblast Juice has been formulated with aloe vera, ginger, and curcumin.

Aloe vera reduces any kind of body pain caused due to inflammation in the joints and muscles. Arthroblast Juice utilizes anti-inflammatory effects of aloe vera on body which help to reduce inflammation and pain in body. Aloe vera also fights against gastrointestinal problems and irritant effects of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, it reduces the pain due to gastrointestinal origins. The enzyme present in pulp of aloe vera known as bradykinase helps in managing pain in arthritis. It also contains salicylic acid and acts similar to aspirin in terms of relieving pain and reducing inflammation without causing any side effects which result from consumption of arthritis. Aloe vera cleanses the body of the toxins and keeps the body rejuvenated. It helps in reducing uric acid which may be a cause of body pain. By clearing toxins from the body, aloe vera prevents the inflammation of joints.

Ginger reduces pain and associated symptoms in patients suffering from body pain caused by inflammation. It is effective in limiting symptoms and progression of chronic diseases such as arthritis.

Curcumin from turmeric relieves most kinds of pain including the ones most difficult to address such as neuropathic pain due to disc bulge. A herniated disc can press against a nearby nerve and cause pain. Curcumin addresses pain and inflammation in such situations along with those in chronic diseases such as arthritis.

Arthroblast Juice can be consumed regularly throughout the year due to its unique formulation and doesn’t generate heat in the body.

Our Interactions during This Month!

Meeting you is always special to us. We get to hear lot of appreciations, suggestions and demands for launching new products. And, that’s how we keep going on with improvements and new launches. Our Thryopro Juice is going to be there for you soon!

Be it any season of the year, our herbal curcumin teas are never out of trend. People love sipping them hot in winter and love chilling with their cold version in summer. We were there at Sunder Nursery on 12th and 19th of January and received immense love from our existing as well as new customers.  On 25th of January, we were there at Sarvodaya Enclave.

31st January marked a new area for exploring in Delhi for conducting a camp. We were there at GMR Square World Mark 2, Aerocity in New Delhi. Our herbal curcumin teas got a lot of love there too! The rising awareness for including herbal and natural products for staying in good health is letting the purity of our products do the best for our clients.

Natural healing without side effects is the best form of treatment possible. Our motive at Preserva Wellness is to provide natural healing with natural and gentle care. A healthy body holds a healthy soul and mind. Putting it in another way, a healthy mind can make you feel and stay physically healthy as well. Good health is a boon which is never to be ignored. Strive for it in the gentlest way possible. Fitness matters, wellness works!

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