Retired Professor of Psychology, Delhi University

I am Harjeet from Ghaziabad and I am 30 years old. In 30s, women generally face problems of acne, pigmentation and dullness of skin. There are so many dermal treatments but have a high cost. I have been consulting different dermatologists for past two to three years for my pigmentation, scars and dark circles under my eyes. Six months back, I was introduced to Oxyrich Juice and Oxyrich Capsules of Preserva Wellness by someone and from then I have been using these products. My pigmentation and scars have reduced to a large extent.

Oxyrich Juice contains aloe vera pulp, curcumin with the world’s best antioxidant i.e. Himalayan berry. Oxyrich capsules are purely vegetarian and have green tea, Himalayan berry and turmeric.

My skin glows and I am happy about it. A shot of Oxyrich makes my day!

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